Pardon my absence for I’ve slacked too much to remember about this space of mine. Sleeping late and waking up late is the best feeling in the world! Best! Working sucks. Ok not really cos I get an income from working so I kinda miss working too. *Contradicts self*

So yea Bangkok was great! The shopping was great, company was great, food was great. What’s not supposed to be happy about it other than I spent too little? Ya lah damn it I spent too little cos I was so afraid of running out of money and my luggage couldn’t fit all that I bought. Worry this worry that end up no enjoy thoroughly. Worse was I didn’t bring enough SGD to change in case I ran out of Thai Baht. That’s why.

Moral of the story, bring more SGD just in case, especially if it’s a shopping trip where credit cards cannot be used at markets and certain shopping centres.

I did a lot of research and added all my experience of shopping in Bangkok and tried to squeeze all into a 5-day itinerary. I’m glad to say we failed to cover all the places I listed hahaha. If not we would have really spent til we have nothing left. Emily and Lydia both exchanged more there despite the lousy rates but they had no choice. I had enough so I didn’t change more. In fact, on the second day, I spent half of my Thai Baht. Fortunately, I brought along spare Thai Baht that my mum passed me. I was trying so hard not to touch that portion but failed. To think that I spent the least among us 3.

Day 1 – MBK

We gathered at airport for breakfast. Emily, Mao, Lydia, LA and I, 5 of us. The boys bade us farewell and we shopped for abit inside before boarding. Then we board the plane and realised my seat was separate from them 2 girls. 2 grown malay men sat beside me and I was trapped at the window seat. Imagine the trouble I had to go through with 2 strangers when I needed to pee. And I couldn’t sleep at all throughout the flight considering how easily I get knocked out on flights. Just uncomfortable sleeping beside strangers.

We reached, hailed a cab, took a 30-minute ride to our hotel, Bangkok City Hotel, checked in and ordered room service for lunch.

Chicken with basil rice.

Super awesome tom yum soup.

We waited almost an hour for lunch and I’m pretty sure it was miscommunication with the non-english speaking service staff at the hotel. 😦 After lunch, it was more than half the day gone so we decided to just drop by MBK for quick shopping and recharge for a full-on battle the next day.

Took the BTS (aka MRT) to MBK. Love it that the BTS was just less than 5-minute walk from our hotel. So convenient. And MBK was just 1 stop away at Siam station. We spotted Naraya at Siam Discovery so we shopped there before hopping over to MBK.

I have never shopped at Naraya personally and have never understood why people go crazy here. In fact, I went crazy myself. Everything was so pretty and cheap. Great for collection and souvenirs. So I took what I needed for souvenirs and the bill accumulated to 850THB (SGD34). And that was just the first day.

Next stop: MBK. Like any typical neighbourhood shopping centres in SG but more touristy feel. Prices can be slashed depending on your bargaining skills. I’m bargaining queen. Everything also bargain. No slash no buy.

I couldn’t imagine how worn out we were on the first day. We pampered ourselves with steamboat dinner at MK Restaurant.

Super yummy green noodles and duck meat. Quite affordable too.

Took a cab back to the hotel and sorted out our loot. Emily’s luggage was half filled by day 1. *salute*

Had a 1 hour foot massage at the massage parlour just beside the hotel. Talk about accessibility. 1 hour foot massage for 200THB (SGD8).

Day 2 – Platinum Mall & Calypso Cabaret

Breakfast at hotel. Not fantastic but it was provided and we wanted to save money 😛

Tuk tuk to the paradise. 60THB!


We shopped til dinner time. No pictures of the interior since it’s just pretty much like bugis village but with aircon. It’s advisable to shop at Bangkok with girlfriends because of the convenience of getting multiple pieces at wholesale price.

We happened to be there around their new-stocks-coming-in-so-old-stocks-must-clear season. So a lot of the clothes were going cheaper. But there were a number of shopkeepers who weren’t very friendly or interested to bring down the prices. We spend money still must see their black face. What logic is that?

The moment we got back to the hotel, we had a warm and soothing feet spa in the bath tub. Our feet definitely needed it.

We got tickets for the ladyboy show at Asia Hotel. Just 5 minutes walk from our hotel, also located at Siam station. OMG I definitely love it that Bangkok City Hotel is so near so many places. My virgin visit to a cabaret and boy was I excited!

Honestly, I felt 900THB for 1 hour of show is good experience. There were a few gems that you may spot throughout the show. Those who were really really pretty for a boy-to-girl transformation. So pretty you will be jealous.

This is a real man. Not transformed in any way. Adds a comical element to the show.

This one gem we spotted. We were so mesmerized by her beauty! Where got ladyboy so chio one?

The others that were not bad.

And this mixed-blood looking ladyboy. So tall that my face were in her boobs. LOL. And yes I’m jealous that these boys have bigger boobs than us girls.

We walked back to the massage parlour after the show and went for Thai massage this time round.

Clothes that we had to change into. Made us look like we came from some asylum.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Thai massage. Certain parts hurt and it was absolutely fine to tell the masseuse to soften their strokes. Emily was almost asleep throughout while Lydia was in pain hahaha. I was giggling here and there when it got painful or ticklish. The friendly staff were nice enough to accommodate to our crazy giggles.

Day 3 – Platinum Mall (again)

I initially had it planned to visit Pratunam market or Bo Bae market. However we didn’t manage to complete Platinum Mall the previous day so we just went back again.

No pictures again cos everyone was too busy ransacking every rack of clothes available.

Dinner was at A&W!!

OMG curly fries, you’ve been dearly missed!! SG, Y U NO bring back A&W?

I actually planned to have dinner at Chinatown! But we were worried about the traffic cos the traffic was really sucky. Jam almost everyday, everytime. If not, I wouldn’t miss out the crazily cheap sumptous seafood dinner at Chinatown. Boo!

Day 4 – Chatuchak and Platinum Mall (again!!)

Breakfast at the hotel again cos free mah. And we seriously running short of shopping money.

Cabbed down to Chatuchak. A slight distance away so cab is advisable. Especially when it’s a hot day. Ok lah everyday also quite hot cos it’s Bangkok mah. Not Europe. And it’s the weekends and Chatuchak only opens on the weekends so there WILL be crowd. Crowd + hot day + far = sure must cab.

First stop: Pets section. I almost teared up when I visited this section. Second time at CTC but first time going to the pets section. Poor puppies all whining and crying out for their mummies. They were way too young to be separated from their mummies. It’s awful to see such cuteness actually used for profit making. The younger the pups, the cuter they are, the higher they can be sold for. The environment wasn’t the best for these young lives either. Dirty, smelly and very unhygienic. 😦

Don’t breed or buy. Please adopt! It’s not always about making money. It’s about saving lives.

Dried my tears and proceeded to buy stuff for Casper. Saw this pretty Shih Tzu at a shop. Well-behaved and unafraid of strangers. Good girl.

2 shops-ful of doggy clothes. Mostly for small sized dogs. Not too expensive. Average about SGD10 per piece.

Got these 3 items for Casper. I kinda unestimated Casper’s size and got these in a size smaller lol. But if don’t button still looks ok. CNY 2013, Casper will be ready for you in emperor suit! And hor, see the grey polo on the left. The tie is detachable lah!! Why doggy clothes so cute one ah? I bought it mainly for the tie lah wth. Lol. Some more the shopkeeper so friendly one but not many varieties at his shop. Money well spent.

We skipped the areas that weren’t applicable to us (eg. souvenirs, household items, gardening etc) and went straight to the apparels section. So many things, so many people, so hot. We didn’t spend too much time there because well, there were still a lot of expensive items at CTC. Must be the demand thus they marked up a lot. And off we went back to Platinum Mall where aircon and shopping comfort are available. Kinda like our last minute shopping because we were gonna leave BKK the next day. So we either buy or regret.

Went back hotel to rest for a bit before proceeding to night market. Initial plan was to visit the old Suan Lom night bazaar, now called Siam Paradise Night Bazaar but the cabbie we approached told us there was a massive jam there. Then I asked how about Khao San night market, the cabbie recommended Bo Bae market (more about it later). He very nicely recommended us to a good thai restaurant and said we can have dinner first and he would send us to the night market after. Wah, so friendly and willing to wait for us settle dinner first. Of course we were glad to have met such a nice cabbie.

When we boarded his taxi, his wife was in the front seat knitting. He said they were ‘dating’ on the job. So while he makes money, they get to spend time together too. Awww how sweet. They were a pair of young, just slightly younger than us, married couple with a kid.

He then drove us to this restaurant that I’ve been to before the last time I was at BKK. One word. Expensive. Food is not bad but way too expensive. Definitely a place for tourists. So we thought aiya since he so nice wanna wait for us settle dinner then bring us to night market, then we pamper ourselves have one last good dinner at BKK before flying off.

Then end up some tiko peh staff there tried to know me. He came to talk to us, asked us how old we were. He even took Emily’s camera without asking and took a photo for us. I thought wah so nice he offered to take group photo for us without us asking. Then he took a single shot of me and a shot of Lydia and Emily together. Then he passed Emily back her camera and came to me and asked her to snap a photo of us. -_- WTF! FML. I had an awkward smile. Is really fucking awkward lah to take photo with a tiko peh. The next thing he did after our photo was taken, he stroked my face on the camera and said “aiyo” like some bloody pervert.

Fuck. My. Life.

I was so traumatised I had my eyes stuck to the food and the girls the entire time. Didn’t even dare look around in case he thought I needed his service or something.

I missed out a photo of another dish. Entire bill came up to 1000+THB (approximately SGD30+ EACH!) Bloody expensive dinner. And we couldn’t finish it.

The moment we walked out the restaurant, we started to look for the cabbie that brought us there. He was nowhere in sight! FOLs! We waited and waited, thinking that he went off somewhere for a short while, but he never came back. Then we realised we were cheated. But thankfully, we didn’t pay him for the cab fare so it was ok. He probably got a free diesel coupon from the restaurant for bringing customers there. Such things are common in BKK.

We got into another taxi and told the cabbie to go to Bo Bae market. My knowledge of Bo Bae market was actually a day market. I even searched about it during dinner to confirm that it’s operating at night. Not much results but we trusted that cabbie who recommended it to us. The other cabbie brought us there and we realised it was closed. Damn it. It was indeed a day market and closed at 6pm. So why the hell did the cabbie still agree to bring us there? Shouldn’t he be able to advise that the market is already closed??


We were cheated twice in a night! Decided to just head back to the hotel and forget about shopping at a night market. Next time, perhaps. We spent the night parading in our loot and packing our luggages.

Day 5 – MBK

Skipped breakfast at the hotel. Wanted to eat at MBK instead. Snapped a few shots of the hotel room for references. Might just consider coming back here the next time since it’s so cheap. About SGD200+ for 4 nights! Cheap until sleep also can laugh awake. They gave us the second highest floor so we had a good view. What else to ask for?

Room was a triple room for 3 pax. Clean, spacious and sufficient for 3 girls. Maybe not too recommended for family though.

My luggage after 5 days of battle. I went there with less than half filled bag.

Lunch at Auntie Anne’s. Super worth it and yummy set meal.

We shopped for instant noodles at the supermarket and did some really last minute shopping for clothes. We managed to find some shops that sold affordable items at low prices. Happy!

3 girls, 7 bags. Lol.

We hired a maxi cab to send us and our luggages to the airport. Only cost us SGD20 or so.

Checked in early, had early dinner at the airport and bid farewell to BKK.

Once again, our seats were separate but at least this time we were at the same side. This time, I slept. 🙂

Reached SG and went straight to get liquor. Wahahahaha 酒鬼!Then prayed so hard that my luggage wouldn’t be missing like last time.

Thankfully no missing or mistaken luggage. LA and Mao came to pick us up. What would I do without LA? 🙂

I not so proudly present my loot! I will buy more for my next trip!!

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