11 years

Time flies incredibly fast. Another year you’ve been gone. Today your mum mentioned that sooner or later, the 30-year lease for you will be up soon and she will have to renew it. Indeed, it didn’t occur to us that you have been gone more than a decade.

I really wonder what you will be doing if you never left. Might have just graduated from a local university and gotten a good-paying job. Or perhaps already contributing some goodness to this world. The world definitely needs more people like you – a good heart.

Ji Gu and your mum tying up new flowers for you, Agnes and Faith.

Many of us turned up today, except the 2 younger ones and the 2 brothers in Europe. Grace is back for the holidays before flying back to England end of this month. We had a gathering the night before and we all had a good time. But somehow I would rather you were there to share the laughter.


The bouquets this year are bigger and prettier. So big that they covered half your space haha. But it beautified the empty place a bit. Hope you like them. Your mum prepared them.


We went for dim sum lunch after visiting you. Family bond seems much tighter after you left, for we know that family is most important. Cherish before we regret.

Once again, I wish that you are happy wherever you are. You are forever missed.

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