Perth Day 1

When the boyfriend and his family decided to visit their relatives in Perth, I was thinking, hmmm why not other parts of Australia? Why Perth? My memories of Perth was a place for sightseeing and that’s all.

But this trip kinda changed my mind about Perth altogether. Yes, it’s still a sightseeing state of Western Australia but apart from that there are still some awesome shopping areas. My last memory of Perth was 19 years ago when I was still a small kid, so I couldn’t remember much except for feeding milk to kangaroos and making a fuss over my shoe that was too loose on the left.

This time, I made sure I wore shoes in the correct sizes.

Knowing that it would be quite cooling in Perth, I packed long sleeves and thick clothings of which I both had very little of. I literally ransacked my whole wardrobe just to dig out for long sleeve clothes. I would shiver at the slightest breeze at 18 deg cel and definitely cannot leave hotel without extra warm clothes. I brought the largest luggage I had to accommodate for shopping.

But shopping can be pretty expensive considering the Aussie dollars increasing lately.

In-flight meal at 4am on board SQ. The boyfriend had chinese noodles while I had the western breakfast. You know, just to get myself in the mood.

I merely shut my eyes for an hour and it was time to eat. Bad sleeping habits. After food, I couldn’t sleep anymore and was awaiting landing.

We took the midnight flight and reached early in the morning about 7am in Perth International Airport. We queued for almost 45 minutes to get our passports chopped. Goodness.

Upon arrival, BF stepped out into the cold immediately to feel the temperature. He absolutely loved it. Sunny but cooling.

BF’s sister rented a car to drive the whole family around for 6 days. We took a while to load all luggages including a baby stroller in and made our way to the hotel.

Despite it being too early for check-in, the hotel allowed us to do so. Yay for 5-star services! We were given the 2nd highest level and the room view was fabulous! We could see Swan River and the beautiful sunrise/sunset. So we quickly freshened up and got ready to go out for our first meal in Australia. Weather was plus minus 20 deg cel with breeze and occasional strong winds. So we were mostly wrapped up and in jeans. I was more kiasu, long sleeves plus coat. I am afraid of hot weather, but I am also afraid of the cold.

It’s just amazing how strong the sun may be shining down but we don’t feel hot at all. I love countries with four seasons!

We went to the Chinese area for some food. It was my first time seeing the parking machine. I see it all the time on TV and always wonder why SG doesn’t have it. We are supposed to be disciplined to put the correct amount of coins for the amount of time we are gonna park (eg. AUD3 for 1 hour). The machine then prints out a ticket and you have to place it on your car dashboard.Parking fees varies at different locations as well. In a way, I guess SG is more convenient. Tear-out coupon and that’s it.

I guess the boyfriend’s parents were particular about food so most of the times we went out for meals with them, it’s always Chinese or Asian food. So our first meal of the day was Vietnamese. Vietnamese food in Australia was a total new experience for me. Food was expensive. A bowl of noodles soup could cost AUD13 and above. Simple meal like this could come up to almost AUD100 for 6 adults and 2 kids.

After lunch, we dropped by some of the asian supermarkets along that street to get some daily supplies. Bought some fruits and snacks and also some eggs for the kids’ meal for later.

We went for quick shopping because Alzvier lost one side of his shoes on the plane. We discovered one side missing and reported lost but the air crew said they couldn’t find any baby shoe on board the plane. But at least they provided a good service in getting the staff to help locate it. So ya, he needed a new pair so we went to Harbour Town.

I didn’t get anything from Harbour Town because I didn’t need anything in particular. Shopping is expensive too. I could get the same thing at the same price or cheaper in SG, especially Cotton On. 10AUD for a plain tank top when I can get it for less than that in SG.

After shopping, we went to visit the BF’s aunt and her husband.

We stopped by Baskin Robbins to get ice cream first.

When we reached their place, his aunt brought me on a house tour. OH EM GEE! The house is HUMONGOUS! I mean, it doesn’t look that much from the outside, definitely. But it’s a freaking maze inside! For privacy purposes, I am excluding their photos. I didn’t take much photos of the house too. But yeah, my point is that the house was built by his aunt’s husband and I honestly think the house is way too big for 2 person.

I think there were at least 5 bedrooms and they only needed 1. So the rest were empty, only with some basic furniture. His aunt has a walk-in wardobe in the master bedroom. She also has clothes in all the other rooms. Lol.

They have a garage, front porch with garden, back yard with BBQ area, and countless rooms inside. Phew. Isn’t it great to have so much space? You can build your house horizontally instead of vertically.

Dream house, baby. And considering the weather is so good, they hardly ever need to do much cleaning and mopping. The house is cold even when the windows are all closed. Good for the furniture too I guess. But it would become hot and stuffy in the summer. Not so bad actually since another 3 months later, the weather changes again.

His aunt also has a beautiful garden at her porch. When you’re a housewife living in Perth, I guess gardening could be a good hobby.

We rested for awhile before going for dinner where his aunt booked a table at this Chinese restaurant about 10 minutes away. This restaurant was awesome! It had only 3 huge and 3 small tables and reservation is stricted needed to dine there. Time slots are only 1.5 hours per table considering the small space but long list of customers’ reservations.

We had to return to the hotel early because we had to be up early the next day for our day tour. It was around 8ish at night when BF concussed and I dozed off around 9pm. Lol much needed an early night since I didn’t sleep much on the plane and it was probably one of those few times I would sleep at 9pm.

Another day of Perth awaits us. 🙂


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