The news that shook the nation

It is extremely heartbreaking to start a new post of the new year with sad thoughts.

On the fateful evening of 28 January, just 2 weeks before the Chinese New Year, a heartbreaking news shook the nation. 2 young boys, 7 and 13, were knocked down by a cement truck while cycling home from school. The older brother was fetching his younger brother home from school after his first day at his CCA class. Then tragic struck when they were cycling across the road at the junction. The cement truck driver did not realised he knocked the 2 boys down. The bicycle was mangled badly, beyond repair. And the 2 boys lay still, never waking up again.

The parents of the boys rushed to the incident area. The mother broke down and fainted. The father was struggling to console her while he himself was shaking badly and needed support from others.

The family used a Christian funeral. With white decor and flowers, with plenty of mourners turning up for the service.

Every second of this incident reminded me of what I experienced more than a decade ago. As the updates go on the news, my heart sinks a little. Every single detail was similar to what happened to Aasta and Agnes.

They were both also involved in a road accident. Both of them passed away. They were crossing the road at the traffic light junction when a SBS bus knocked into them. My aunt received the news at work and rushed down with her family. She broke down. Screamed and shouted and cried uncontrollably until her voice was hoarse. She eventually fainted. Her elder son and daughter were equally broken. Relatives and friends couldn’t believe the news. Christian funeral service. Hundreds of family members, friends, schoolmates and teachers visited my cousin for the last time. She was 13 when she was gone. 2 families’ lives were changed after that incident.

This news refreshed all the pain I faced. Even after almost 12 years, it still hurts. I cannot fully understand or feel the mother’s pain of losing both her boys, but I do know that it really hurts so bad you wish you could leave with them. Sleepless nights and endless tears. I truly can relate to the victims’ family members. Though I myself haven’t got over the death of my beloved cousin, I wish the family of Nigel and Donovan find peace and stay strong. They have been your pride and joy, and now are in the arms of God. God bless you.


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