Re-opened my blog to have a place to pen down my thoughts.

Too much grief lately. So many of my friends (good friends and some whom I’ve lost contact) have lost a family member and had to go through that pain that nothing can heal.

Losing a beloved, is as good as losing a part of you. Especially if that loved one has brought much happy memories. It must be painful. The feeling of having one less member at home, one less portion of dinner to prepare, one less greeting… I’ve lost, I’ve known. It hurts so much.

Mental struggle.

Someone I’ve known my whole life. He kinda watched me grow up, but never in fact contributed much to my growing process.

Few years ago, he started to feel like a stranger to me. To us. 

It reached the point where his life and death didn’t matter to us anymore. If he leaves, do we have any happy memories to fall back on? I doubt so. We would probably be glad that he left. The horrible feeling of choosing evil over good. We are still fighting with the demon in our heads. I am still fighting, in silence.

Hate is a strong word. But I don’t think I have ever hated anyone so bad before. To think I am hating on a ‘family’. Irony.

Exhausted. We all are. It takes 2 hands to clap. But we have been handicapped all along.

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