Our Crib – Pre-renovation

It’s 3rd quarter of 2014. We are expecting our house to be ready in a year (though my future neighbours are all giving insider news that keys collection will commence by end of the year *gasp*). I got excited that I started bugging the fiance to start doing homework for whatever is needed to ‘build’ a home. From interior designs to furniture to accessories, I have really cracked my brains on them.

What theme should we have for our home? Simple? Or specific? 

To use ID or just get contractor and we provide the designs on our own?

Budget? BIG question. What is our budget? 

Furniture? No ikea, definitely. Sofa? Leather or fabric? Dining table? How many seater? What material table top?


Oh my tian. I was overwhelmed by the questions I asked myself.

I told fiance we should start deciding and buying things we can buy now, so that it wouldn’t clash with our wedding and renovation costs all at once. Can you imagine the costs involved for both??

As for now, I can say we have found a ID company that could meet our budget. We set a maximum of $25k for our premium 4-room flat renovation. We chose Ciseern after listening to their sales talk by Wendy. Everything sounds pretty ok and somehow I felt Wendy was sincere. *cross fingers* Though there are quite a number of negative reviews about Ciseern’s IDs, I still found a few substantially good ones. So hopefully we are the lucky ones. Wendy added us into Whatsapp group chat and kept us updated on any changes. We will be meeting her this coming weekend to further talk about our package in details.

Somehow the package they offered was attractively competitive. Shall elaborate in another post.

Last weekend, we found the ideal bed frame for our master bedroom after ditching the idea of having platform due to our full-length bedroom windows. The bed frame is a storage bed with side compartments and side table as well from Slumberland. Package for both items came up to less than $3k. Very affordable!

Platform Storage Bed
Something similar to this. With main storage under mattress, 2 side storage and a side table with drawer.

We had a lil 擦身而过 story with the storage bed frame when we saw it at Interior fair 2 weeks ago at Expo but didn’t take note of the brand. I was harping on it ever since and when I searched online, I couldn’t find anything similar. I thought I would never see it again *plays dramatic music*

So when we were at the furniture fair last weekend, we spent more than 2 hours trying out mattresses and listening to mattress 101 tips and guides. When we were about to leave the furniture fair last weekend, we decided to see Slumberland before we leave. And THERE IT WAS! The same exact storage bed frame we saw the previous week. So it was Slumberland’s! Fully-customisable colour and material. And it still looks like a platform! BUY!

Then we tried their mattresses and found the ideal one. Our matrimonial bed LOL! He likes a firmer bed, while I like mid-firm. So it took us quite awhile to finally pick a mattress that suits us both. We picked the Slumberland TempSmart 3.0 1200 Deluxe Queen from the Home Decor & Furniture fair last weekend at Expo. Our salesguy, Thomas, was really attentive and friendly and quite humourous. We should always have this chemistry with the people who are selling stuff to us, so we know we are putting our money in good hands.

Slumberland TempSmart 3 1200 Deluxe Queen

Just a quick update today. Will try to keep up with this to track our reno preparation and progress.


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