Getting Married – Venue and Wedding Date

We had quite a delay in deciding our wedding date. But we went ahead to look for venues anyway. The least we could do was shortlist the hotels that could accommodate to our number of tables and also meet our budget. I was reluctant to pay $1.5k per table at any hotel. Ouch! Wedding banquets were never this expensive! My friends could get less than $1k per table a couple of years ago. So, couples who are of marriageable age, hurry up get married! Because these costs will only go up, up, UP!

Sadly, we couldn’t settle for less than 50 tables, considering both our families are pretty huge. Plus, he has corporate guests to invite. So, we’re looking at 60 – 65 tables.

I once attended a wedding of 80 tables at Shangri-la. Holycow. Each table was at least $1.5k so imagine how much the hotel earned for that one event.

We shortlisted a few hotels with the following criteria:

1. Can accomodate 65 tables
2. Good location
3. Max $1.3k per table

Perks and add-ons were bonus. With 65 tables in consideration, we were left with limited choices.

We emailed quite a number of bigger hotels, namely Pan Pacific, Fairmont, Grand Copthorne Waterfront etc. We attended a few wedding shows as well to see the venues and ambiance. There were many times comments like “I like the place! But very expensive.” or “Very nice staff here, but cannot fit so many tables.”

There were more disappointments in the process. Arguments arose and we found ourselves struggling to agree with each other. Especially when the family has their own opinions to add on to the already raging fire. Apparently, the elders have more opinions than us that it could spoil our initial plans. I quarreled with mum once so badly that I ended in tears and she broken-hearted with my outburst.

All is well now after we trashed it out. She understood our difficulties and respect our decisions. Hopefully no more drama from the queen.

While meeting up with the coordinators at different hotels, we tried to bargain for more perks so we feel it’s actually worthy of what we pay for.

Then it came to the comparison. We compared prices, locations, menu items, perks, ballroom sizes, friendliness of staff, carpark availability, bridal suites, wedding favours, table presentation etc. We scrutinize as much as we could to the finest details before finalizing our decision.

We chose Grand Copthorne Waterfront! Mainly because the events person whom we met, Nellie, was really very patient and friendly. I felt comfortable bargaining with talking to her and happy about the perks she was able to offer us.

We actually met her after a few emails. She really knew her hotel and banquet details well. We were disappointed that the date we wanted was already taken so we were considering to change date or look for other venues. We clicked pretty well, having small talks aside of wedding stuff so my heart was quite keen on GCW.

The 2nd meetup was at their wedding show. We had almost 2 months to consider and confirm a date prior to the wedding show. When we saw her there again, she remembered us and greeted us even though she was attending to another couple.

The wedding show was fabulous! I absolutely loved the whimsical theme they created in their ballroom. I was sold! Birdcage, flowers and dreamy effects, GCW, you have done it perfectly!



Eventually we booked GCW with Nellie that day despite the price per table was almost $1.5k. We somehow booked it on a date without consulting fortune teller. Story is because the ‘tong shu’ for next year is not published yet so the fortune teller was unable to give us accurate readings. But honestly, google is good enough. As long as the date doesn’t clash with either of our zodiacs, I’m fine with it. But we’re still keeping our fingers crossed for the date we picked to be auspicious when the ‘tong shu’ is out. If not we would have to change date again.

*fingers and toes crossed*

I always thought that wedding planning was difficult. It really is. But I tell myself it’s part of a growing process and that many others have done it, so can I!

4 thoughts on “Getting Married – Venue and Wedding Date

  1. Normally if you have company’s guest to invite.. the guests will normally gives big ang bao de.. so 1.3k per table might be covered with just 1 ang bao from the bosses. . My experience is like that la.. haha..


    1. Haha I probably missed out that my table actually cost more than 1.3k because it’s the price for next year, so it’s higher than my this year’s budget lol.


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