Getting Married – Wedding Bands Sneak Peek

Right after the previous post, I started googling for wedding band ideas and where to get customised ones to complement my own engagement ring.

Facebook, forums, instagram and whatnots. Somehow I still decided to go back to JannPaul to take a look since my engagement ring was from there. Plus I really like their service. I shortlisted Michael Trio as well, mainly impressed by their shop layout. So white and dreamy. Found out that they were taking part in the JewelFest that was gonna be held at Ngee Ann City.

We had a buffet lunch at Straits Kitchen with his family on the 19th to celebrate his dad’s birthday. The food was great! Really worth every dollar spent. But I wouldn’t say much about the crowd though considering there were more tourists than locals.

We happily left our car parked at the Hotel cos we had complimentary parking from the lunch and popped by JewelFest after. Bad choice. JewelFest was more for the upper-class people. The participants were mostly renowned and atas brands that came from all parts of the world that we have never heard before. There were some local brands as well, but since we weren’t considering those local commercialised brands, we wasted no time there. Just went straight to Michael Trio booth and focused on wedding bands.

Too bad their range wasn’t that wide. We actually made an appointment to go down to their showroom, thinking that we would possibly find something there.

We did not expect we would be saving the trip down because we eventually found our wedding bands at JannPaul!

We had a hard time choosing something that could ‘fill up’ the gaps that the curves on my engagement ring created. I wanted a wedding band that not just complements the engagement ring, but also looks good on its own. I can’t possibly wear my engagement ring in case I scratch the baby in future. Though I hope I can still wear both rings together.

Deciding on both our wedding bands took much longer, but I was pleased. Connie, our sales coordinator, was very helpful in helping me find something that met my requirements. She also advised on many things that we might not have considered before, eg. for the fiance’s ring, it would be better to get glossy finish than matte once cos matte is non scratch-resistant.

So here’s our pick!

This would be the design and cut for mine, but I have opted for full white-gold instead of two-tone as it would complement my skin tone better. The idea of it being so bling is just… so me!

And for him, he picked this exact design with a simple diamond. I really quite like a glossy + matte design as it brings out two different layers. He just needs to be careful not to scratch it. I’m sure he’s more gentle than me when taking care of accessories. Haha.

He had to buy another white gold ring for himself for feng shui purpose. We got all 3 rings for $3+k! Very affordable! I was expecting to pay more considering our rings had diamonds in them. Mine alone has 37 pieces. Hahaha.

Connie also promised she will have the rings ready in January, in time for our solemnisation. I can’t wait!


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