Getting Married – Wedding Bands on the way!

Just received an email from JannPaul saying that our rings will be ready for collection by 10 Jan 2015. 2 more months!

Can’t wait for the ring design to be finalized. I hope they would be able to send us a 3D image of the rings before production. Since we didn’t see the actual product, more like a sample only, so we wouldn’t know how nice it will turn out. Connie reassured us that she recently just sold one of a similarย design and it was very pretty. So we shall see.

Currently, we haven’t been doing much about the wedding. Signed and booked everything we needed except for Justice of Peace cos it’s not time yet. So I’ll probably be cracking my brains for decor ideas for ROM. Oh yes, we have not picked out our outfit for ROM. So that’s one more thing to do – to make an appointment with White Link for gowns fitting.


5 thoughts on “Getting Married – Wedding Bands on the way!

    1. Hi dear! I commented on your blog too, regarding filing of marriage online. Btw you can see a rough design of my ring in my previous post ๐Ÿ™‚ Not the exact piece but similar.


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