Help! I don’t wanna be a bridezilla!

With about 3.5 months to our Solemnisation and 10 months to our Customary, I am starting to feel the panic and helplessness. I hope I won’t turn into a Bridezilla. Because that’s what ALL brides go through. Ok strike that. That’s what all brides-who-do-the-planning go through. I am saying planning for:

decor items
DIY materials
what gowns to choose
what suit for my man to wear
what shoes to match
what hairstyle and makeup to match the gowns
what dresses to put my bridesmaids in
what games to plan for gatecrash
what arrangements to make for Casper (during our ROM)
whether to charter a bus for my guests
how my older relatives without proper transport to arrive at the wedding
what time to start the gatecrash
WHETHER OR NOT to have the tea ceremony on the actual day (another heart-wrenching story which I’ll try to squeeze into this post)
emcee or no emcee
wedding vow/speech
etc etc etc.

That was a fking long first paragraph, I tell you. I shit you not. As I typed, more things came out of my mind about what needs to be done. There are some stuff else which I decided not to include because the list is already pretty long. I’m scared. Really scared. Because time is running short. I have no idea how people plan a wedding in less than 6 months.

This is the time I wish the htb can chip in some ideas and thoughts about the wedding. Because it is afterall OUR wedding. But like many other brides out there, the woman does most of the planning because we want our wedding to LOOK and FEEL nice. These are memories which I wanna remember til we grow old together (exclude the planning woes).

He told me there is nothing to worry about. And there are some decisions we can’t decide yet example the theme because the hotel has not gotten back to us about what themes they are offering. No theme means nothing else can be planned!! The horror of all horrors!

He said I’m worrying too much about the wedding. Because things will be fine. FINE does not just happen. SOMEONE will still have to do something at the backend for the frontline to look FINE.

Great. Now I feel like crying.

I don’t wanna be like this.

And then this.

And look like this on my actual day.

Note to self

So the hooha about the customary date which was already set in Oct 2015 is that we were told that it was actually not a good date to hold our customary on that day.

We readily decided on the date at Grand Copthorne Waterfront because we had briefly consulted a geomancer online about the date and whether it clashed with any of our zodiac (including parents and in-laws) and it turned out it was ok to go ahead because none clashed. We also checked online for auspicious dates to get married and it was one of the listed. Note that the tong shu was not published yet in June period and we urgently needed to book a venue for our 60-table banquet if not we would be left with Community Centres.

Lo and behold! The tong shu published in November and we were informed by Leland’s family friend cum fortune teller that the date we chose was BAD. We were advised to change the date!


*cues dramatic music*

You know what comes with changing of dates? We would not only have to change hotel (because most likely the grand ballroom is no longer available on other dates) but also pay more money for our PGs and VGs to come on another day instead. I would have to inform ALL necessary vendors about the change of date and re-plan everything!

Because the fortune teller only informed his relative through a phone call, I insisted to make an appointment with him for a proper consultation. I had to know WHY and HOW bad is it and seek a second opinion if needed.

If only we didn’t have to go through all these trouble. We cannot please everyone.

I was deeply affected by all these decisions which were not even made by me in the first place but I have no choice because I had to respect whoever who voiced it out. So now both Leland and I are in a dilemma whether to heed the fortune teller’s advice or to heck care and go ahead with what was planned.

We all know what else will happen if we decide to heck care and go ahead with the date. We might be hated and blamed for something bad that might happen in the future. Ya everything is our fault because the elderly told us so.

We initially made appointment with the fortune teller last Thursday which I took half a day’s leave to make sure I WAS PRESENT. But when we got there, the assistant told us the master was overseas! My dear HTB made a boo-boo when arranging for an appointment. Come dear, I clap for you. Oh well, it was no too big a surprise since it wasn’t the first time he made such mistakes.

So now we are just waiting for the guy to be back from overseas then we can re-make an appointment with him. I really really pray and hope and bo pi bo pi we don’t have to change the date.

Countdown to ROM: 103 days
Countdown to Customary: 306 days


4 thoughts on “Help! I don’t wanna be a bridezilla!

  1. dont worry babe!! everyone goes thru the same process. I feel helpless at times too! its exactly 1 month to my ROM!!!! heeheh 6 months to my AD. I had not settle most stuff too! .. 😡


    1. I’m pretty sure when the date is nearer, I’ll be more stressed up than now. So I’m trying to settle as much as possible earlier. 1 month and 6 months is pretty fast! Hope you can get everything settled on time 🙂


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