Getting Married – I found a JP!

*cues positive and hopeful music*

Yes! Finally I found a JP who is available to solemnize our marriage! We will NOT be married illegally! Yay! Suddenly I feel very hopeful about the coming year.

2014 was pretty sucky alright. Casper was sick, I hit really major setbacks at work and of course we had to plan the wedding and spend hugeloads of money. FML.

So 2015 is actually gonna be the busiest year of my life. ROM, house renovation, Wedding and probably honeymoon. I’m scared yet excited at the same time. I can’t wait for the days to come but not looking forward to all the planning. Let’s hope I enjoy the process of planning.

Ok so yeah, main point is I found a JP. Mr Lim Tze Beng. I actually saw his name being mentioned in forums but mostly things like “Have anyone tried Mr Lim Tze Beng?” kinda questions instead of reviews. Only happened to see one, just ONE, review on him being one of the youngest JP around and he was very friendly.

Then when Pamela passed me his contact, saying her friend engaged him before, I thought, yea no harm trying since I already got 12 rejections. I texted him informing him of my date and venue, to which he returned with a call telling me he’s available!! Woohoo!!! I really can’t thank him enough for agreeing to be our solemnizer despite him staying in the west and my ROM venue is gonna be all the way at Changi! Really, I’m grateful, Mr Lim!!

We’ll be meeting him this coming Sunday which I’m pretty excited because I have read tons of reviews on how other JPs will choose to meet with the couple to brief them on the processes and documents they need to prepare. Of course there will be some who choose not to and simply brief through phone calls or emails. It might be awkward if we have not met our JP before and we will only see him on our ROM day itself. Awkward… And plus, we can’t find any photo of him at all. We must know how our JP looks, right?

One more piece of good news (or not). Sometime last week, we were informed that our rings were ready for collection! That’s two weeks early! *jumps around happily* I was really really looking forward to collecting them because I had mine customized to what I’d like it to be. This weekend is gonna be good.


7 thoughts on “Getting Married – I found a JP!

  1. hi.. how is ur meeting with lim tze beng? any chance u took photo of him? I just ask him to be my solemnizer but cant find any review or photo of him. able to share more details of him with me to my email


  2. Hi rachelyn, congratulations on your marriage! Like you, I’m unable to get a solemnizer and have stumbled upon your blog as i search for reviews on lim tze beng. How’s he? Please share some details at 😊 Best regards.


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