Getting Married – Wedding Bands!

Yes finally we could collect our rings!!

We collected them from JannPaul in early January and I couldn’t take my eyes off them! I wanna wear them soon!! In fact, it’s only about 1.5 months to our ROM. Can you say I’m nervous!?!?!?

Quick update about my job. Was offered a renewal to my contract but I turned them down. So now I’m clearing my balance leave and waking up every single day without the alarm clock. How shiok can! Am slowly looking for a job, but ROM comes first. I honestly haven’t done much DIY. Always think, never do. I told myself, one thing at a time. But never happens. Always a jumbled up mess of thoughts and half-done stuff lying around.


So back to my wedding bands. OMG! *hyperventilates*

We watched Annie at GV PS on the noon of 3 Jan. During the movie, Leland suddenly turned to me and said “I forgot to bring the rings invoice!”

We called JannPaul after the movie and they said we could still collect the rings. We only needed to provide our IC for photocopying purpose.

JannPaul/House of Hung was crowded! So many young couples looking at wedding rings. The wedding industry must be booming this year!

I was all smiles when I saw our rings. So bling! Initially when we ordered, I should have 37 diamonds on mine. But when I counted, there were only 33. I counted twice while the consultant and HTB counted once each. She even took out a calculator! Lol.

So because my finger was too small, they had to remove 4 diamonds to make the band smaller. At least they gave me a generous discount!


His has a bigger carat than mine all added together. But he deserves one bling since he hasn’t had one yet haha.


Mine with 33 mini diamonds. Complements my engagement ring pretty well.

Anxiously waiting for the day to arrive where I can finally call him my husband. Let’s hope it’s not a green light for more responsibilities hahaha.


7 thoughts on “Getting Married – Wedding Bands!

  1. Omg I didn’t check the no. Of diamond !! I must go home count liao!!! Oh ya they give u two separate box !? My was ugly red box !!! 😤😤


    1. Oh dear! So did you count your diamonds?

      I was given the ugly red box and requested for the black one but my consultant said out of stock. I think the boss heard me and went to take for me and exchanged them for me, saying just arrived. So I was lucky.


  2. You are lucky! mine is the ugly obiang red box! but feel quite useful to place each other ring tgt too. And since I already ROM-ed haha lazy to go down exchange, although they told me can exchange later part.
    Oh yea, i counted my diamonds. Both my hub & me are correct, but cannot determine the carats la. :X still very pleased and love with my bands too. 😀


    1. Haha the red box should be under House of Hung instead of JannPaul’s black box. I’m sure given their reputation, they wont shortchange their customers of the diamond quality 🙂


      1. Their wedding bands was from HoH coz their receipts from HoH .. JP specialise in proposal ring .. But still the black box look more classy! Haha


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