Getting Married – DIY Ang Bao Box

Initially I wanted to DIY some wedding stuff to save some money, but the lazy bones in me convinced that if money could get it, we could save time and trouble.

Big slap to my face. Lol. I then went online to search for sale of ang bao boxes and guestbook. There were so many kinds, from the safe classic design to highly-customized extremely exquisite non-box looking type, I can say I have seen it all.

Because I only needed it for my ROM (read: simple affair) and not for the main chinese banquet happening in 7 months time (FML, it is that near!), so I only looked for simple kind of ang bao box.

I wanted to get a bird cage from Taobao but was afraid it would not come in time for our event, so I didn’t take the risk. You know, chinese new year period, all delivery will be delayed. Some online sellers in Taobao weren’t even operating til March.

And getting a bird cage from here would be too expensive especially only for one-time use.

I was pleasantly surprised when Leland initiated to DIY the box when we were shopping in Daiso. And we started looking for various box sizes and discussing if they can fit the angbaos. He even chose a few artificial flowers and ribbons for touching up. I was impressed. It was probably one of the first times he has initiated to do something for our wedding and actually does it.

When I went home, I was thinking of using old shoe boxes instead so we wouldn’t ‘waste’ the daiso boxes. Lol. End up wasted money on buying the boxes.

I managed to dig out this nike shoe box that occupied so much space in the shoe cabinet by being empty. My nike shoes were in Leland’s car (almost permanently), so I had no use for the box.

‘Koped’ this image from Google because I forgot to take a photo of the original. *facepalm*

Since the orange was too strong and would be too obvious if we just wrapped it, Leland wrapped the entire box with old wrapping paper (white face up). (And then I forgot to take a photo as well.)

After which, I had an idea to wrap the box in a champagne-coloured cloth so I went to dig out a piece of gold dress which was prepared to be thrown away. I had to un-do all the stitches on the dress and use the individual cloths to wrap the box.

angbao box2

It was slightly difficult to wrap the cloth around the box since it was very stretchy. We were afraid we would pull too much at one point and it would be uneven. Overall it was quite ok. We only needed to add some touches to it to ‘cover’ up the flaws.


Added peach ribbons to the trimmings and fake flowers at the ruched areas to hide them.


Final product. Pretty good, I would say. It was our first time DIY-ing. I was never a creative person to do DIY stuff so it was a challenge. While doing it, the ideas just start flowing in. Hiccups here and there but still we managed to complete something together.

It was big enough to drop at least 50 angbaos. We would probably use it for other purposes at our new house. Perhaps our own ‘piggy bank’ for rainy days?

Materials used:

Old shoe box

White paper (as base)

Old dress

Ribbons (Daiso or Popular)

Fake flowers (from Daiso)

Glue gun (Popular)

Fabric glue (Spotlight)

Masking tape, sticky tape, double-sided tape

Amount spent:

Less than $20 since most of the items are existing items I already have.


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