Mrs Ang says Hi!

Keep Calm I'm Married

Hi everyone! I am officially Mrs Ang! Status upgrade. The fact that I’m now a missus kinda shocks me a bit.

I was looking forward to ticking on “Married” instead of “Single” on any application forms but when it really did happen, I freaked out. *gasp* Not cool. I even had to resort to asking for advice from friends was I a “Ms” or “Mdm”. Oh God!

I haven’t got much photos to share yet since I haven’t gotten the official photos and videos from Pierre and Andrew. But I did get some help from Ann, Sharon and Ernie hours before the Solemnization. They were helping me out in the hotel room while I was getting ready. Thanks ladies!!

So on the 21st of March, we made our way to the hotel in time for check-in at 2pm. Traffic was quite bad so we reached around 2.15pm. We didn’t even need to queue as Lynette, our catering manager, has already informed reception to prepare our room keys. We spent about 1 hour in the room getting awed by the view and room layout, especially the bathroom. It was glass panels with only shower curtains to block the view for a bit. Definitely a suite for couples.

Photos of the suite will be in another blog post.

Here are some pre-event photos of me getting transformed.

Bear with my bare face for a bit ya.

Vennice arrived slightly earlier than 3.30pm to set up her tools and whatsnot. I was feeling slightly nervous since this was my first ever time getting made up by a professional. But she was very assuring and chatted with me throughout. Talk about multi-tasking.

She started with applying ampoules on my bare face before applying liquid foundation.

Tip: Bare face is necessary. Well-cleansed and no product on your face at all.

I was amazed at the amount of makeup she brought. I wish I had that much makeup too!

Tip: Bring your own ampoules and false eyelashes for any makeup session as they would usually charge a fee for using theirs. It would be safer to use your own as well since you never know if your skin would get any allergic reaction.


So it seems my long lashes aren’t thick enough that I had to put on falsies to look nicer in photos. Thankfully Vennice’s skills were exceptional because I felt no discomfort at all!

P1180584 P1180606

Vennice let me face the TV so that I wouldn’t be bored while she worked her magic. I had no access to any mirror so she would pass me one every now and then to see myself.

If you were wondering about the chair I was sitting on, the hotel room didn’t have any appropriate chair with a not-so-high backing, so we contacted Lynette, our catering manager, and she got a staff to bring a chair up for us. *thumbs up*

During the time while I was getting the makeup done, Leland went down to the venue to make sure things were running smoothly. I am really glad we have extremely helpful staff from Changi Village Hotel to help us out.

I then went to change into my gown after my makeup was done and Vennice could continue with setting of my hair. But I swear this lady was so meticulous, she kept making sure my makeup was perfect before she moved on to the next stage.


White Link has gorgeous gowns! I tried on probably 10 ROM gowns before deciding on this one as it complements me the most. By the way, I was removing the netting around the roses to allow them to bloom before the ceremony.

P1180638 P1180644

Busy bride is a busy bride. I was busy switching channels because Stephen Chow’s movie ended and nothing else was interesting.


Leland even brought me the TV guide so I could refer to the channel listing. Hahaha!


Unglam bride is an unglam bride. I propped my feet up against the cabinets because I felt like it. And those curls are looking fab!!


Wait for it!!


OMG she did a waterfall braid! Damn it. My hair has never looked so pretty! Now I’m sad because I can never achieve the waterfall braid on my own.


I love bling. That’s why.

P1180724 P1180766

Almost done. Looking pretty demure here but only for photos lol!


5 inches heels but so comfortable.


Adding some final touches to my hair.

Leland was also getting changed during this time. Poor thing, he had no attention. Sharon did take some shots of him wearing his shoes though. Hahaha.


Vennice and I after working her magic fingers to transform me into this. Extremely thankful for her for being so patient with the indecisive me when choosing my gowns and deciding on the accessories to match my hair etc. Kudos to her for having that level of service for what she’s doing. She must really love her job that she goes all out to please her customers. Thank you Vennice!

And of course, the other star of the evening is none other than my handsome husband. *giggles* It feels weird calling him my husband now since he was always known as “my boyfriend” before. How did all these happen? *jumps around in joy* He has aged a little since the day I first known him. But together, we aged gracefully. LOL!


He was always ensuring I choose things that I like and want and making sure I was happy. He was so patient when I spent hours at the bridal shop to decide on one thing. I’m so thankful for him running around that evening, juggling many things during the event so that I could just stand around and look pretty. 😀

More photos in another post. But before ending, I would like to take this chance to thank Vennice of White Link, Lynette and Taufik of Village Hotel Changi for their impeccable service. I never felt more comfortable with them as they really went all the way to ensure we were satisfied.

I can’t thank Vennice enough. When I found out she was assigned to me, I was jumping in joy! I have read positive reviews about her and was really glad White Link made this arrangement. I felt really comfortable with her and really admire her behaviour around customers like me.

Lynette was very much like a friend whom I’ve never met until the moment we checked in the hotel. She complied to our requirements and made things much easier for us. She even Whatsapp-ed me to remind me to rest early the night before and not to get stressed up. I also found out she’s a dog lover like me. I like it when staff go the extra mile to make us feel like they are our friends.

As for Taufik, the banquet manager, I did not have much chance to interact with him during the event but Leland was pleased with his level of service as he was very prompt and alert to our requests. He and his group of banquet staff were also very attentive to our guests that evening.

Despite some minor hiccups that happened during the event (technical issues to be exact), I wasn’t too bothered much considering how much convenience they have already made for us. It’s a good thing we mentally prepared ourselves that things will not be 100% perfect and Murphy’s Law was bound to happen. Overall, four thumbs up for these 3!

Other than that, life is pretty much the same still. As we are still waiting for our new house to be completed, we are currently still staying apart *sob sob* When will our house be ready? Damn long already!! But good news for other neighbours from another block, they already have news on key collection! *applause* Soon, it will be our turn.

Things have definitely become more erm, stressful, because the chinese ceremony is in about 6 months’ time. We have not exactly made any progress with any preparations yet. Let’s just say we’re taking a post-ROM break for now. Hahahaha. The Mr is looking out for honeymoon tours though, so that’s probably a good thing. But all I can foresee is empty bank accounts by end of the year. 😦

But still, I am looking forward to a new stage in life with my husband where we can build our own family in the near future.


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