Official photos for our solemnization

Being married still feels slightly surreal. I am constantly reminding myself I am married and I have a husband! In a good way, of course. I still get confused at times whether Leland is my boyfriend or husband. He was indeed my boyfriend for the past 4.5 years and only husband for 1.5 months. I need to get used to this.

We were pretty worried about the weather that entire week since it was so unpredictable. On some days, it would be downpour and flooding, while some days were dry like the desert. Thankfully, it didn’t rain a single drop at Changi on our day.

Read part 1 here.

As my girls and I made our way down to the venue from the hotel room, I saw our names on the TV screen announcing the events being held at the hotel. That was weird. Our names were on the TV! Solemnization of Leland & Rachel! We ARE getting married!

Planning the solemnization somehow got me slightly prepared about planning the main wedding event, except in a much smaller scale.

These photos were taken by Pierre Ooi.

Everything was perfect from the hotel, except the decor company which gave us quite a bit of headache. But at least everything was intact on that day so we didn’t fuss about it too much. Besides, we were all too busy to nitpick.

Garden theme.

The happiest moment was I could have Casper with us that day, even though he probably didn’t know what was going on then. Here he is looking rather smart in his new tuxedo outfit and bow tie and messy hair.

Our JannPaul wedding bands that we could finally wear!!

Tying each other down. *evil laughter*

My new family. The two boys now call me “Ah Kim” instead of “zeh zeh”. I feel old.

My favourite photo of my grandma! Look how happy she is!

Team Simpang! Most of us here are gonna be future neighbours!

Girlfriends for life. Ann, Ernie and Sharon. These girls make my working life a breeze.

The oldest friends I’ve known. 15 years and counting. We watched one another grow and blossom and become parents.

The God-family. Pity GodPa couldn’t make it. I’m still glad GodMa, Mathew and Michelle could attend the event.

And of course, a photo with Casper. Why does he look so tiny here?

With my sister and Renee who took time to ‘babysit’ Casper for me. Thank you!

And Mr and Mrs Ang!

Reception area was simply decorated with some photos of us and a wedding tree for our guests to ‘leaf’ their fingerprint.

One hotel staff reminded us about preparing mosquito patch for our outdoor event. Such fine details to be taken note of. Thank you! We had 5 young children around that day so it was definitely a good way to prevent mosquito bites.

With Baby Leroy.

The buffet was AWESOME! It was so good I really wanted to takeaway everything, especially the prawn bisque and chicken soup. The desserts were so good too! Thankfully, my guests could bring back the leftovers to prevent wastage.

The hotel prepared some food from the buffet to be brought up to the suite for us as supper. Overall, we were very satisfied with their service.


8 thoughts on “Official photos for our solemnization

        1. Haha ohh! He’s quite young in the industry but has about 3 years experience already. Seems pretty popular now as I have many enquiries about him. He isn’t a bad choice, TBH, however being that young kinda lack that ‘fatherly’ feel, if you know what I mean.

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      1. Hi Babe

        Thanks for the prompt response. Yea! I saw your update that he was able to crack jokes during the solem ceremony? Honestly, are the jokes acceptable ? πŸ™‚


        1. Mostly acceptable. There’s a point where he asked the parents to say a feel words of blessings/encouragement, then he hinted my FIL to tell my MIL the 3 words, which I think he has never done it before. So it was quite embarrassing. Luckily my FIL was a good sport. He did it eventually haha.


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