Getting Married – Birthday and Photoshoot

Pretty long post.

I arranged for the photoshoot to be on 8 May, a day after my birthday. It was a Friday so that we could rest the next day. But suay suay I fell sick on my birthday itself! High fever, sore throat, cough, flu. The FULL package. Thanks, body. Thanks.

I found out I was having a fever in the noon. Popped a panadol and went to bed with a wet towel on my head and fully covered with the blanket, hoping to sweat it out. Couldn’t really sleep much. I woke up with a higher fever. -_- Damn, how could I go for my birthday dinner with my husband? I’m first time celebrating my birthday as a missus. How could my body do this to me!?!?!?

I took a cold shower to bring down the temperature. Fortunately it did. Ironically, I wasn’t feeling sick. So I insisted on continuing with dinner plans since the hubby already made plans. We had dinner at Dempsey House. Such nice ambiance and good food. Too bad, I couldn’t enjoy the truffle fries due to my sore throat.


So good but I couldn’t take too much.


Hubby’s risotto that completely turned me off because it looked too healthy. Eggplant? No thanks. It tasted quite ok, though the rice was rather hard. And the portion was quite small so I worried hubby wouldn’t be full. But I secretly think he didn’t wanna look too ’round’ the next day for PS. 😀


My steak. I ordered medium instead of the usual medium rare cos I thought maybe someone who is having fever shouldn’t be eating uncooked food. Ha! I loved the sauce and how juicy the steak was.


Happy birthday to me!

Not looking any bit of sick. Haha!

Hubby bought a cake before I told him I had a fever. Durian cake some more! I didn’t have the chance to eat it at all!!!


Obligatory shot with the cake. Shortly after this shot, I had to be in bed.


I seldom have fever. Even if I had, it usually took me around 2 days to recover. This time round, I had fever for 6 days. Highest temperature went beyond 39°C. OH EM GEE!


Fever patch, long sleeves, long pants, socks and fully covered with blanket. I was desperate to get well for my PS the next day.

I woke up in the morning, unrecovered.

Drowned myself with lots of H2O to hydrate myself. I decided to continue with the shoot since the appointment was made months ago. Plus, I already done my nails and hair. I couldn’t afford to reschedule.


Gelish done by Nailush. MyDung (pronounced as MiYoong) painstakingly placed the mini caviar beads around each pearl to emphasize them. Contact her at 9028 1902. They are located at Punggol. I foresee more manicure after I move there.


Did my hair at Kimage. Every dollar spent was worth it. Finally I see some colour!

I was really disappointed with my usual hairdresser which I’ve been visiting for years. Their standard has dropped drastically and prices increased tremendously. I did my hair for ROM with them and I literally threw away $200. Moreover, the lady boss did my hair personally but still…

My hair colour and highlights only cost me $154 after birthday discount at Kimage. Thanks to James for the great work. No thanks to my stubborn hair for ‘eating’ colour so stubbornly. It took him great lengths to get the colour out. Plus, the highlights weren’t drying at all. He achieved this colour without bleaching my hair.

The morning of the shoot, the staff brought us to their studio where my makeup artist, Jessie, was waiting for me. There were 2 other couples doing their shoot on that day. Luckily we didn’t have to share the studio since our makeup and hair took different duration to prepare. If not… awkward.

Jessie was so nice. She kept asking if I was able to tahan the full day cos it would be extremely tiring for us, especially when I was having a fever. I sneezed non-stop during the hair and makeup, but she very patiently helped to touch up everytime I smudged my makeup with the tissue. She also helped to turn off the aircon for a bit so I wouldn’t feel so cold.

We proceeded with 2 gowns for indoor at their studio. Absolutely love their studio setup! I can’t wait to receive the photos.

I requested for Alex Chai to be my photographer for my pre-wed PS. And I am glad I didn’t make a wrong choice. He was such a joy to work with. Very professional. Very fun to joke around with. Yes, I was still able to joke around. I just wanted to make the whole session more enjoyable despite me being sick.

Jessie informed Alex I was having a fever and he tried to convince me to reschedule because it would be very tiring for us, especially when we go outdoors. He reassured me it was ok to “take mc” but I just insisted on proceeding. He also turned down the aircon in the studio so I wouldn’t shiver so much.

Why the staff all so nice one ah?

The weather didn’t look too good, according to Alex, so he suggested we bring forward our outdoor shoot with 2 gowns then go back to the studio for the last outdoor gown. That means we couldn’t capture the sun set. But better than getting caught in the rain, I guess.

So Jessie made me up for my outdoor shoot. So princessy. I absolutely loved how she did my hair.


Took this at the back of the car while we were on our way to the first venue – Fort Canning Park. I wanted to take photos at the spiral stairs.


Kaixin took leave and joined us to help us out that day. Thank God for her. She helped me buy herbal tea and nasal spray to stop my dripping nose. She had to run up and down to help me hold my gown, hold my props, standby tissue, practically my babysitter. Thanks girl!!

5 years ago I did the same for her PS. That’s what friends are for 😉

Leland got a parking saman for not putting parking coupon at Fort Canning. Are you kidding me??? $30 gone.

Then Alex brought us to National Museum. That place was great for shoot. So much feel with the museum structure being so historical yet modern. Becoming more popular among couples now. I was glad Alex brought us there because my gown blended very well with the surroundings. Damn it. I can’t wait for the photos!!

Luckily he brought us there. The toilet was indoor and aircon-ed. Very comfortable for me to change into my other outdoor gown. I love dry toilet floors. Hahaha!

We moved on to Lorong Halus Wetland. I wanted to take photos at the red bridge and the tall plants. I was hoping it wouldn’t be crowded. We recce-d the place 1 week before and found that it was rather refreshing to take photos there instead of the lalang field. Alex even commented that place was good for photos.

We did some candid shots there, such as Leland carrying me. Poor him, sweating so badly under his outfit and he had to carry me. The weather was horridly humid that day, despite having not much sun blazing down. I must admit my hubby isn’t as physically fit as compared to the first time I knew him hahaha.

When we were done with our last photo at Lor Halus, it started drizzling. Heng ah! We were done outdoors and went back to the studio.

When I reached, I felt more sick than ever. When Jessie redid my hair, I was almost dozing off. I was struggling to conserve that very last bit of energy for my last outfit. I fought so hard not to fall asleep so I wouldn’t have bloodshot eyes.

My mood became cranky and I couldn’t wait for the day to end. I found myself strengthless to smile anymore. Fortunately, Alex was quick to end my misery. He finished up swiftly knowing I was feeling worse. We completed the shoot around 8pm. Couldn’t even go for dinner as I was burning up. Leland had to ask his mum to help cook some plain porridge so I could take the porridge water to bring down the fever.

After our late dinner, we took a quick shower before Leland rushed me to a 24-hour clinic. Damn it. The amount of hairspray in my hair was too damn much! I had such a hard time washing them off. I was given oral medicines for my common flu, as diagnosed by the doctor. Common flu, really?

So sad I couldn’t snap more selfies that day because I was too busy and distracted being sick. I brought along a travel packet of tissue, using 40 out of 50 sheets that day, not including the ones Jessie prepared for me. I must have sneezed a hundred times that day.

Leland was serving me that whole weekend, making sure I took my meds on time. First time ever I didn’t need to keep track of my meds. Blessing in disguise! 没有嫁错人!

Fast forward 2 weeks after the PS, we went back to select our photos yesterday evening. Alex really impressed us with his skills. We were very satisfied with the photos he took of us. We spent more money to get back all photos in soft copy after him giving us a really good deal. We stayed til almost 10pm to discuss the photos and discounts. Poor Alex ended up closing the shop because we were last to leave.

Knowing very well the photo album will eventually end up in the storeroom, we still decided to spend the money for the photos since it was only once in a lifetime. We believed the memories were worth the money spent. I told Leland we will have to put our album in a showcase so that we will never forget about the photos we took 😀

Now I’m looking forward to 3 weeks later to viewing the album layout. Once we are ok with, printing will take around 1 month before we can collect them.


3 thoughts on “Getting Married – Birthday and Photoshoot

  1. Hi
    Ur mua is Jessie… do u have her number? She was my mua but i lost her number after reformatting my phone… wanted to get her to help with our family shoot…


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