Bridezilla ALERT!

Just when I thought I already got the hang of planning an event, especially after my ROM, I once again fall into a panic mode because I have less than 100 days left!

99 days to be exact but who’s really counting?? Oh shit.

I completely understand why brides have their bridezilla moments, just like how I had mine when I was planning my ROM.

99 days to my wedding and I receive news from a sister that she has work commitments so she is unable to help me out.


*cues dramatic music*


Very appropriate image to show how I felt because it so happened to just start raining when I was on my way to work this morning.

This is the 3rd bridesmaid who is unable to assist me on my big day and I am dejected. Am hoping, both fingers crossed, that another friend is able to help out despite being rather last minute.

So 99 days to the big day… I am obviously in some kind of panic mode. Am slowly striking off the to-do list. Keyword: slowly. In fact, I don’t even know if we can get anything done at this rate haha.

Currently I have these items on my To-Do list:

  1. Wedding invites – pending draft confirmation
  2. Food tasting – pending
  3. Song list for live band – pending
  4. Gatecrash games – in discussion
  5. Bridesmaids’ dresses – ordered. Waiting for shipment to arrive.
  6. Save-the-date – sent to some friends and relatives
  7. Hotel decor
  8. Wedding favours
  9. DIY Promise card
  10. Guo Da Li
  11. An Chuang
  12. Guest list (the BIGGEST headache)

Siao liao! Like so many things lah! And I’m pretty sure I have missed out some things. My mind is only that small but so many things to remember. Poor brain cells.

99 days.

The harsh reality hit me when I realized this wedding isn’t exactly what I dreamt of. Every bride will want her dream wedding, trust me. Be it a super grand dinner with everyone from the village turning up for the event, or a simple quiet affair with just close family members. It is still the bride’s dream, afterall. Because, honestly, the grooms don’t really bother much about how the wedding looks or functions, as long as they survive the night and not get too bad a hangover.

For some, it’s even just a formality to invite everyone because they have to. No choice, because my family is huge. No choice, because my parents have a lot of friends. No choice, because I’m the only son. No choice, because my family is rich.

Haha. I’m the completely opposite of that. Yes my family is big, but because it consists of distant-relatives that we also see during the CNY, and cousins of my dad are also relatives to us. If we could exclude the distant ones, then it would make my life much easier. But yet, I would prefer to have the entire Chua clan present to prevent things like “You married liao ah?? Why never invite me?” kinda situations. Awkward.

I had a dream wedding. But I was gradually steered away from it now that it involves another family. I almost cannot remember my idea of my dream wedding.

Been in the planning process for the past year and still ongoing, I really wish to keep things hassle-free. All the sourcing and coordination for vendors is a tiring process. I have no idea how do other brides do it. No wonder people say once is enough. Hahaha.

Today the boss announced to the entire department I would be having my wedding at the end of the year. Stressed. Suddenly I feel obliged to invite everyone. But really, if I have no space means no space. Really gotta selectively invite and hope no one gets offended.

I need to destress and think less about how complicating this whole wedding planning is. It’s actually quite simple, isn’t it? I’m just paranoid and over-thinking everything. So yup, 99 days to the actual day. Who’s counting again?

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