Getting Married – Album layout finalized!

We did our photos selection for the album on 24 May. Ended up buying all the photos for keepsake.

Then we waited for 3 agonising weeks to view the album layout on 14 June. Met up with our album designer, Keven. Rather quiet guy but at least he was quite accommodating to our requests for changes in the layout. As Alex was in Krabi for photoshoot, we couldn’t get his opinions on certain issues. Had to wait for his return before we could see the amended layout.

Finally came the day to view the amended changes on 4 July. We initially arranged on 30 June for us to drop by after work, at the same time to try on some new jackets for hubby. However Vennice had to take urgent leave for personal reasons, so we pushed the date to the nearest weekend instead.

It was Alex’s off day but he returned to work to settle the layout with us. How dedicated he is to his work! He quickly sat down to discuss the layout and we posed some questions to him which he also very patiently explained to us. He took down our requests for making a duplicate smaller album and also the choice of album cover before instructing Keven to proceed with printing before he left for his niece’s wedding.

After viewing the layout, Vennice came over to let Leland try on new jackets for Actual Day. Poor girl had a rough week but still very patiently attended to us.

Took hubby about 1 hour to try on 9 jackets and pants. Guys could easily try on the suit compared to girls. If it was me, I would probably take more than half a day to try on 9 gowns.

We haven’t decided on the suits yet since I haven’t tried on any gowns but we have KIV-ed a few. Have made the next appointment for our gown fitting and album collection on 29 Aug.

Til then. Here’s a sneak peek of a page from my photoshoot album. And yes, that was our DIY bunting!

#110351 18R-20

6 thoughts on “Getting Married – Album layout finalized!

  1. Hi! I have just signed up with whitelink and chanced upon ur blog. May I know your reviews of whitelink? Did u top up for designer gowns? And how much did u pay for all ur photos? Hope to hear from you soon!!

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  2. Hi Rachel! I too have signed up with Whitelink, would like to know your reviews of them. How much was your top up for designer gowns, is it bargainable? And how much did u pay for all ur photos? You can email me your reply if it’s more convenient. Thanks! =)


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