Never my intention

Casper had an appointment with his vet yesterday afternoon for his regular review. He’s been seeing Dr Heng for regular checks and Dr Poon for monthly acupuncture ever since he started medications for his seizures.

We reached early at 1.45pm for our 2pm appointment, giving them allowance to draw blood for him and run the tests while we wait.

However, as popular as always, The Joyous Vet is always packed on the weekends. Unfortunately, there was only Dr Heng on duty so the consultation was pretty slow. I empathize with those who walked in because they would have to wait even longer. I’ve waited 3 hours for a walk-in. Even with appointment slot, we still waited til 3pm before we saw Dr Heng.

As our queue number flashed on the queue system, I was rather puzzled we were allocated to the second consultation room when it was only room 1 that was supposed to be utilized. As I made my way to room 2, the receptionist gave me a confused face and directed me to room 1. So I thought it was a technical glitch with their system. I made my way to room 1, lightly knocked on the door and slided the door open.

To my ultimate shock, the previous patient and the family members were still in the room. Crying. There was a kitty carrier on the table, which was opened on the top.

It was NEVER my intention to barge into their private time, sensing that it wasn’t a good situation in the room. I apologized and quickly closed the door and wanted to seek help from the reception. That was when Dr Heng opened the door to room 2 and guided me in.

She apologized for the confusion, explaining that room 1 was occupied as the family’s cat just passed away.

*cues dramatic emo music*

I felt weak in my knees knowing my intuition was right. I barged into the room while they were saying their goodbyes to their beloved cat. It was just so wrong.

My first reaction was to whine to the hubby about what I saw in Dr Heng’s presence. She gave an apologetic smile saying her receptionist did not know what was happening in room 1 so she didn’t know room 2 was open up instead.

I wasn’t trying to make Dr Heng feel bad. I WAS feeling bad myself. I felt horrible! I cannot shake off the scene of the 3 family members with tears in their eyes, red and swollen from crying for the past, perhaps, 45 minutes. No wonder they took so long in the room.

It really was a horrible feeling! I cannot imagine the confusion and intrusion they felt after seeing me at the door. I really can’t.

Up til now, I’m still feeling awful about it. I was hoping I could see them exit the room after Casper’s consultation was done so I could personally apologize but they needed more private time with their beloved cat. I never got to see them.

It was a depressing moment for me. I imagined myself being in their shoes. When Casper leaves us, I might be crying even worse. I can only picture how empty life is without Casper around. With his medical conditions and his increasing age, this reality of him leaving us one day is slowly seeping in. Even though he looks healthy and still rather active at times despite his frequent seizures, I still am afraid things might just happen.

Because we will never know.


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