Getting Married – Wedding Invites

Updated in blue below on 22 Jul 2015.

Since our hotel (Grand Copthorne Waterfront) ties up with a printing vendor, we decided to just liaise with them for printing of our wedding invitation cards.

Lil’art gave us additional discount as we were clients of GCW. We wanted a hassle-free (read: traditional) invite with no frills or fancy wordings. Because honestly, I don’t wanna spend more time designing our own invitation, neither did we want to spend the extra money on printing our own design (as this usually cost extra).

Allow me to digress a little.

I have joined some bride groups on forums and Facebook to read and seek advice from other brides-to-be (BTB). I feel that due to their wedding being much smaller scale than mine, they have extra time on hand to source for wedding favours, florists, invites etc. Planning a 650-people wedding really no joke. So yup, hassle-free is best, especially when I am hitting my peak period at work soon.

It’s not wise to be doing personal stuff at work.

But yet, wedding plans are still hanging, so I tend to be distracted at work with personal stuff. This really isn’t what I pictured it to be.

Ok so whatever it is, I am trying to clear all the pending stuff for wedding slowly, hopefully I won’t end up with unfinished business days before my AD.

End of my little digression.

I contacted Lil’art sometime in June and Arthur very promptly emailed me with the template, insert and card designs for us to choose. I was intimidated when I saw the form to fill up, especially the chinese portion. Wow. Lunar date is required? Really? I know some elders still refer to lunar dates so I guess it’s needed to have BOTH languages printed on the inserts.

Because some of the card designs only allow single language to be printed, eg, translucent insert, therefore only can be printed on one side of the paper, so we can’t choose those designs. We had to get the traditional type like this.


Top and bottom style where it will be folded in the middle and placed in the card.

We chose the monogram design instead of florals and swirls to make it look less traditional haha.

Arthur promised us collection can be done from today onwards after I placed the order 2 weeks ago. Am planning to use the 7th month period to prepare the invites since we can’t do much during that month, but at least backend work still has to go on. Guo Da Li and whatsnot gotta wait til after 7th month.

I bought wax sealing kit from Taobao at such a steal! Gonna be using them to seal my envelopes before mailing them out to my friends and relatives.

I had two stamps custom made to my own designs and added almost 50 sticks of wax in different colours. Total damage less than SGD50!

I know of local retailers selling the main set with 1 stamp and no extra wax for SGD60+ already. Though the communication portion with the China seller was a tedious one, but still, it was worth the effort, especially when the quality is better than I expected.

I am currently ‘collecting’ addresses from my friends so I can start on writing them on the envelopes.

I can do this!

Update as of 22 Jul 2015:

Leland collected the invites at Lil’Art office last week, 16 Jul 2015, before the Hari Raya PH.

I was a little disappointed as there was some miscommunication. As consumers, we are not familiar with certain terms and how the printer vendor works. So in fact, I tried to clarify some doubts I had with Arthur which he very promptly replied. We knew from day 1 from our hotel coordinator that printing fees would be bore by us, and hotel will provide FOC cards, envelopes (and ribbons if necessary).

However, in between our correspondence, he advised us to print 500 inserts instead of the initial plan of 420 (which is 70% of our estimated number of guests at 600) because I told him we might be having maximum of 650 guests. Print more better than run out of invites to give out.

Somehow he did not emphasize that printing 500 inserts would mean we would have short of 80 cards, envelopes and ribbons (C+E+R). Because the hotel only agreed to provide 70% of C+E+R, based on our confirmed number of guests. Anything beyond that, we would need to top up for 80 sets. Of course, none of the charges were mentioned since it wasn’t even conveyed to us we will need extra sets of C+E+R.

So when Leland collect, he only collected 420 cards, envelopes and ribbons AND 500 inserts. How on earth are we going to mail out the extra 80 pcs of inserts without cards and envelopes?

I suppose it should be BASIC etiquette to inform us that we would need extra 80 C+E+R before we confirmed the order, so that we would not be facing this awkward situation of shortage of C+E+R. This is rather lame.

Miscomm! Or rather, negligence on their part.

Lil’Art very conveniently told Leland to contact our hotel and they would give us the extra 80 sets. The art of tai-chi begins. I called our hotel coordinator and Nellie explained nicely to me that they would only provide 70% as stated in the contract. So if based on 600 guests, we can only receive 420 sets of C+E+R. Unless we confirm 650 guests, then we could get 455 sets, which still isn’t anywhere near 500 and that still leaves us with shortage.

So Nellie told me not to order extra sets of C+E+R yet and just make use of our 420 sets. She roughly gauged one set would cost me around $1+. So it wasn’t worth buying them now, since I may not use up all the invites.

Argh! Such a disappointment due to the miscommunication.

Anyway, other than that, I was rather pleased with the quality.

I initially wanted a turquoise/teal card but Leland’s friend had it for her wedding. We didn’t wanna clash so we chose gold.

The insert would open upwards.

The tedious part is tying the ribbons on every single card and sealing it with wax. Who knows, I might become lazy and completely or selectively skip the sealing. Haha.


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