Have you heard?

That wedding planning is actually so stressful that nobody wanna get married a second time? Even if they do, they keep it hush hush or just a simple affair. Because it’s just TOO MUCH trouble.

Whoever told you that their wedding planning was a breeze and hassle-free are LYING! It is NEVER hassle-free even if you engaged a wedding planner.

What is it with the RSVP and guest planning? That’s the MOST tedious portion of the whole planning, I swear! This is the time the host, aka me, has to play host to everyone she’s inviting. Because some friends are long-time-no-see-or-chat but still close, just that we never had time to meet up for coffee blah blah, and we still want them present at the wedding, so this is when we drop a text to say “Hi, how have you been? I would like to invite you…..” and so on.

For closer friends, you go “Hey chiobu, busy not? Cos I got important thing to ask you……” The moment I created a chat group with the uni girls, Vanessa went “Come. Your red bomb. I’m waiting for it only hahaha.” Lol.

For even closer friends who you meet up often, you may not even need to text them since you would have told them verbally. A text is probably to give more details of the wedding.

Lately, I’m always stuck on my phone texting. Thank the creators for Whatsapp Web! Hahahaha. Discreetly texting friends at work without lifting up my phone.

I was contemplating when to start inviting my colleagues, and via email too, then verbal follow up (if needed). I drafted a quick email with the Save-the-Date image and waited til knock off timing on Friday. Somehow I always feel slightly nervous when sending a mass email.


As the clock struck 5.30pm on Friday (24 Jul), I sent the email and shut down my pc, packed and left. I am hoping no 1 saw it, not when I was still in office because we all know how dramatic some colleagues can be. I didn’t wanna be pulled back from knocking off haha.

Then Sharon told me boss has read my email and also mass replied it. She will be attending, of course.

I hope that nothing goes too out of control when I return to work this morning. Because, who needs the extra drama now?

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