Getting Married – Food Tasting

I arranged for a food tasting on Tuesday (28 Jul). This in fact wasn’t too easy a task because I had to make sure everyone was comfortable with and available on the date. Arranging for 2 of us to go for dinner is easy peasy. But getting 8 others, isn’t. Ok what am I saying? I’m already planning for a 600-pax wedding dinner. 8 is nothing. *flip hair*

Because we pantang, we didn’t want to discuss or carry out anything wedding planning (that involves so many people especially) during the 7th month which is happening in mid-Aug. So I brought forward the food tasting til end July.

It would be the second time both families meet. They met for the first time during my solemnization day itself. Then this was their second meeting. Before the dinner, I was still worried they wouldn’t click since our family background was somewhat different.

A little background story…

His dad is a businessman, while his mum is a housewife.His sister is a homemaker with her own online business, and brother-in-law an air steward. His mum, being a housewife, spends her time taking care of the house and meals for the family, however not forgetting her own recreation activities too.

Both my parents work, including my sister and I. My mum doesn’t cook much. In fact I cook more often than her. She spends her evenings watching TV and candy crushing. Weekends will be tea time with her siblings and mother. We are hardly even home together, not to mention even having dinner together due to our conflicting schedules.

So yes, quite different background and upbringing style. But somehow, probably, maybe because they are around the same age, and my FIL and mum are of the same surnames, it was as if no awkwardness existed at all. Phew. I was worried for nothing. Lucky Mummy didn’t bad-mouth me in front of my in-laws hahaha.

I had an external meeting that day so I met Mummy at Tiong Bahru Plaza after I was done. Then hubby came to pick us to go to the hotel together. We were half an hour early for our 7pm dinner. Small surprise when we saw our names appearing on their announcement TVs: Food Tasting of Leland Ang & Rachel Chua.

We proceeded to level 4 and were pleasantly welcomed by the staff! We were early, but they were earlier. They were already prepared for our arrival. The banquet manager, Bonn, showed us to the room, with a large full length window showing the river for us to wait for the rest of the family to arrive.

Then the in-laws came. The elders started chatting. Slowly, my sister-in-law and my sister came too. Then dinner was served.

I guess I didn’t have much expectations on the service so little gestures by the staff left really good impressions.

We were given a feedback form to fill up.


Bonn carried the first dish in, brought it in front of me and hubby, and told us we could take a photo if we wanted. Of course, I did. It was so beautifully presented!

The waitress did the same for the subsequent dishes. Poor girl had to carry the hot plates/bowls to us for photo-taking. Could see that she was struggling with the weight of the plates as well.

So here are the dishes we selected for our menu. I must say I wasn’t disappointed.


Menu items from left to right:

Click to enlarge. I will be changing the last dessert to black sesame pudding with strawberry. Wanted a cold dessert to end off the night.

I tried to choose dishes that are special, so that the dinner wouldn’t be too ‘common’ or typical. Presentation overall was quite good. Got the colours, got the generous portion and definitely got the taste. I personally liked dishes 1, 4, 6 and 7 the most.

After the dinner, the chef came in and greeted us. He was equipped with his own pen and paper to take notes of our feedback. The in-laws, being very health-conscious, asked for less salt and oil during the AD. My FIL even asked for bigger fish for the cod dish haha. My MIL asked for ‘younger’ vegetables hahaha. Oh gosh. We were cracked up during the feedback session with the chef. He kept commenting “It’s out of my control but I will try.” Hahaha.

So that’s about it. There will not be a second tasting no matter what changes we have made, which is the normal practice. Hotels usually only provide one complimentary food tasting. If we aren’t satisfied with the quality on the AD, then perhaps we should be looking at some discount on our final bill.


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