Stuff We Say #01

I’m not sure is it that we’re married now, we tend to say more shit than usual. By shit, it means crap conversations that are started mostly by me and responded even crappier by the husband.

So just over the weekends as we were driving home from Botanic Gardens, it dawned on me if one day I wasn’t around anymore (like I died or something), then what would happen to Leland and Casper.

Me: What if hor, one day I die, then you and Casper how?

Him: I think I will die earlier than you.

Me: No lah I rather I die earlier cos if you do, I don’t think I can survive leh. So you imagine if I secretly got a lot of savings, then I die already and leave the money for you all, then how? Like you ‘tan tio’ leh.

Him: *long silence*

Me: Why keep quiet? You worried my savings not enough or you cannot survive without me??

Him: *smirks* Your savings not enough.

What can I say? I guess his worries were legit hahaha.


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