Love Nest updates

Haiz. *take deep breath*

According to our developer, Sun Huan’s, website last year, we were supposed to be hearing news in March 2015. But somewhere end of last year, the date was updated to June 2015. And since after the developer hand over the keys to HDB, it will still need some time to sort out the paperwork at HDB’s end. Therefore, keys will be distributed in batches. Sad to say, our block isn’t progressing as fast as we thought.

Our BTO has 4 sets of blocks, each with its own sub-blocks, from A – C/D. Apparently, 2 other blocks have already gotten their keys. Most of them are starting on renovation, while some have already moved in! *gasp* Jin jelly lor!! Ours should be next in line, however, we are block B, so it is still unknown to us when exactly will we be getting our keys.

We checked back HDB website in July and our HLE was auto-approved and that probably completion date was updated to End Sept 2015. Great. That’s like just a few days before our AD. I cannot imagine how busy we will become during that period. Even if it really does complete by end of September, most likely our keys collection will be during our wedding period, worse, ON our wedding day itself.

HDB, I clap for you.

It’s frustrating to be waiting and waiting without any concrete news about the progress. Especially when we decided our wedding date based on the progress from last year, that we should at least be doing renovation now and moving in BEFORE the wedding. But nope, it got delayed not once, not twice, but THRICE!

Our plans just become screwed and jumbled. We have not made plans to be staying with his parents after the customary but seems like it’s a no-choice now since we are HOMELESS. I am not ready for such arrangements, especially when it’s such a last minute choice. Neither am I ready to be going to work at Clementi from his place at Serangoon. How many changes and arrangements do I have to make just to accommodate a DELAYED house of our own? Even if I chose to stay at my own place at Bukit Panjang, how is it right that we are staying apart since we have already being married customarily?

This is absolutely infuriating every single time I think about it. Damn sian. Am I suay or am I suay??

Even if we receive the keys now (which is completely impossible), renovation will still clash with our wedding period. It isn’t the best period to have multiple arrangements clashing since it’s also my peak period at work. ARGH!

My patience is running out, especially now that I’m stuck at home with people I don’t wish to be around with.


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