14 years too long


Yesterday night was somewhat emotional, knowing that the next day would be the 14th year you’ve left us. I woke up this morning in a rush to get to work. It wasn’t until I settled down at my desk that it hit me it is your anniversary today.

I have this habit of paying tribute to you, by making a short blogpost for you. So here’s one for this year.

I looked through my phone for a photo of us together.


Found this.

I was probably 2, and you, 1. Looking at it brought back memories. I realized we didn’t have many photos of us together during our childhood days. We don’t have photos together when we were growing up, nor any photos when we grew up.

I broke down.

You were my best friend. You made my childhood a fulfilling one. I could never get through the weekends without you. Even though we have disagreements from time to time, we would always forgive and forget, move on and continue our lives as kids.

Everyone saw how inseparable we were, crying and making a fuss about staying over at each other’s place when our mothers disallowed it. Even though I was older, you always took care of me more like I was the younger sister instead.

I missed the times we would stay up late at night and joke about everything, until our mothers would nag at us to sleep.

I missed the times we would sneak out of grandma’s house to the playground.

I missed the times we watch cartoons on tapes and memorizing every single dialogue in the show.

I missed the times we would save up money to buy the egg-toy from the mama shop.

I missed the times we would build ‘houses’ with pillows and bolsters.

I missed the times we spent our time at downtown east chalet and playing water in the swimming pool.

I missed the times we walk together to the library from grandma’s place.

I missed the times we would meet each other in school and in choir.

I miss you.

I’m getting married in about 5 weeks and you aren’t around to witness it. We made a pact when we were young, to get married at the same time and pursue our happiness together.

Was just talking to your sister over Whatsapp few weeks back. If you were around, I’m pretty sure you would be top of my Whatsapp list. But you were gone even before mobile phones were a common thing. Was telling her I hope you can feel and see my happiness from above.

You were gone too long, too soon.


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