Extremely hectic period

Just some quick updates.

I’m 28 days to my Actual Day 1 (gatecrash and customary) and 30 days to my Actual Day 2 (dinner banquet). Nobody panics!

That also means it’s another 30 days to Casper’s 8th birthday! My old boy…

We celebrated our 5th pak-tor anniversary yesterday by having a simple dinner at RedDot Brewhouse @ Dempsey over some beer, awesome food and great live band singing. Probably a good place to chill out after work. Just that their happy-hour ended too early, at 7pm.

It’s the extremely peak period for me at work now. Sometimes I have to OT to ensure I don’t have too much leftovers overflowing to the next day. By the time I reached home, I would be too tired to continue with my wedding preparation. I could only force myself to do bit by bit. Oh God!

I only wish to have more energy as the date nears. I won’t give up! I wanna be a pretty and happy bride on my big day!


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