15 days

That’s it. We have 15 days more to our customary. Somehow I’ve given up on trying to perfect everything because there’s simply not enough time and energy to do it. Boo.

Gotta accept the fact that things can never be perfect. I must always expect hiccups so I won’t be too disappointed.

So anyway, we had our Guo Da Li (过大礼) last Sunday (20 Sep 2015). We didn’t particularly consult the FengShui guy for the date. We just set the earliest date we were both free after the 7th month.

Hurriedly got our GDL items the week before with the in-laws. They went to The Chinese Wedding Shop @ AMK to get the basic package for GDL and An Chuang (安床).

Guo Da Li items
Source: The Chinese Wedding Shop

A Guo Da Li set usually has:

  • A betrothal basket
  • One pair each of dragon and phoenix candles
  • A red packet bearing the bride price (聘金)
  • A can of pig trotters or a platter of roast pork
  • Hard liquor or wine
  • Traditional wedding cakes (喜饼)
  • Oranges
  • Jewellery for the bride (四点金)
  • Double happiness stickers
  • A red banner to hang over the door

The Chinese Wedding Shop:
GDL basic package – $208
An Chuang – $38
Dowry (嫁妆) package – $198.

A little pricey in my opinion, therefore I didn’t buy my Dowry from there. I wanted to go back to Chinatown where we have recce-ed before few weeks ago.

They then brought me to look for Si Dian Jin (四点金) around the area. We looked at Poh Heng and a couple of other private gold jewellers but eventually went back to Poh Heng as they had younger and nicer designs.

I settled for a simple necklace and bracelet set which consists of yellow, white and rose gold. Plus another pair of diamond earrings. In fact, I just got 3 items, instead of 4, since I didn’t need a gold ring. I didn’t want my in-laws to spend too much on accessories that I might not wear after the wedding. But also gotta thank them for being so generous.

Leland and I went to Chinatown after AMK to get my dowry items for Hui Li (回礼) to the groom’s family. I am so much more pleased with Chinatown as the shop has more designs and flexibility to work with the package.

I went to Xiang Heng Wedding & Gifts @ Chinatown Complex. The uncle was very friendly and helpful. His basic package was only $98, with much more allowance to choose other designs of tea set, towels, mugs, bedside lamps etc. He gave us a pretty good deal as we tweaked some of the items in the basic package.

Dowry items

The dowry includes items such as:

  • A tea set for the wedding tea ceremony at the groom’s house
  • A five-piece descendant pail set (baby bathtub, potty, washbasin, tray and mug)
  • New bedsheets and duvet for the bridal bed
  • A set of bed-side lamps
  • A dining set consisting of a pair of chopsticks, spoons, bowls and plates
  • Two pairs of red wooden clogs, wedding slippers or bedroom slippers
  • A sewing basket with an even numbered rolls of colourful thread, a set of needles, pincushion and scissors
  • A set of gold jewellery given by the bride’s parents

I bought other items such as red umbrella, chopsticks, extra bowl set, silk pajamas etc to add to the package and eventually only came up to $185. Two thumbs up.

We also ordered cakes from Pine Garden to be distributed to my relatives after our GDL. Goodness. We had 12 places to go in total. Literally 环岛追追追!

On top of that, Leland had to get 2 bottles of alcohol (either hard liquor or wine) for my family. I requested for Moscato since it would be something we would definitely drink. In return, we got them 2 bottles of Orange Juice.

During the Hui Li, we are to return half of what the groom brought over. Eg. 12 oranges, we take 6 and return 6. Bride price, we took half and returned the rest. So on and so forth.

I was glad I decided to continue doing the GDL and Hui Li as it also symbolizes the blessings both families wish upon us and each other. At least now I have a peace of mine that it was completed.

Now that the GDL is done, I am receiving negative feedback about the walnut cakes I bought from PG Cakes. They are hard and dry and definitely not in a pleasant edible condition. I have emailed to them regarding the quality and hopefully can get a satisfactory reply from them.

So… 15 days. No one’s panicking.

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