This is it!

This is it, people! Tomorrow is THE day!

Or rather, part 1 of THE day. Leland will be crashing my place with his band of brothers but no fret, I have my gang of sisters to help stop him from having an easy entrance.

Right now, I’m panicking like mad. Had to watch a few puppy videos to calm my nerves and then resume back to panic mode. I am really hoping that the weather is good, no rain, no haze, not too hot, and that everyone comes on time. Very important. Because I really cannot take anymore hiccups.

So… wish me luck in sleeping tonight. I would either be TOO tired or TOO excited til I lose sleep. Gotta wake up at 4am to prepare and wait for my MUA to arrive at 5am. Hopefully, really, hopefully no major hiccups.


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