Morning Highlights of #RacheLelandWed

We had our customary on 8 Oct 2015, a Thursday. It’s been 20 days since the first part of our wedding. Gatecrash, tea ceremony, outdoor photoshoot with the brothers and sisters. It was fun! Really thankful for my brothers and sisters who specially took leave to help out for this day! This day wouldn’t happen if not for you lovelies!!

I smile myself silly everytime I watch the highlights. It captured a little of everything without too much boredom. It wasn’t a crazy gatecrash nor was it redundant. More like everyone was having fun before Leland fetches me. No crying scenes either since we were too busy ensuring we didn’t run out of time haha. But really, kudos to the video team for making this highlights such an awesome one! Best choice of song!

Feeling a little chirpier today because some of my future neighbours have already received their key collection dates! That means ours is near too!!! Chiong ah!!


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