Hen’s party

Woohoo! So we have finally collected keys to our house and we have visited it a few times for defects checking. No major issues, thankfully, however many minor repeated issues throughout the house. We have also met with a fengshui lady, Li Fang, for quite an extensive consultation at our new place. From directions to energy etc, everything was calculated to match both our birth dates so we will not have any problems in future. Leland is doing a family business, so it was appropriate for him to consult a Fengshui person.

We also met with our ID, Wendy, from Ciseern, to discuss briefly on our plans. Tomorrow would be the day we meet Li Fang a second time to get the layout of our floor plan which they have planned for us strategically. With that, we can submit the requirements to Wendy to plan our 3D design and start on renovation soon! Since we would be on our honeymoon in December, we hope renovation can start by end of this month and make it in time to move in before CNY. Hopefully all goes well.

Before I start updating on the renovation process, this post is about my hen’s party.

I’m glad we didn’t do a typical hen’s night party where we drink ourselves silly and do unglam games involving strangers. Thankful for my sisters who decided to ‘tone down’ this party since we aren’t that young anymore haha. And yes lah, 3 out of 4 of them are mothers, so they gotta be home early to take care of their kids.

So on the Hari Raya holiday, we met up for brunch at Lady M, Orchard Central. Long queue already formed when Kaixin first reached. Eventually we got a table after about 20 minutes of waiting. Nice place, nice food. But I wouldn’t queue up again for desserts.

Friends for 15 years!

The 3 of us were the earliest so we took a quick wefie before ordering. I was glad they gave us a nice table.

Everything looked good on the menu. We wanted to try everything but we had only 6 of us. Eventually we ordered 5 cakes to share.

Click to enlarge

20150924_150407_edit 20150924_151729_edit

After desserts, we got our brains cracking at Room Raider. There were 6 of us. Kaixin, Bibi, Sharon, Mingsui, Ann and I. How difficult could it be to try to escape the room? Bibi booked an appointment with Room Raider prior to our party day. We just had to turn up on time.

The staff briefed us quickly, let us keep our personal belongings in the lockers provided and led us to the outside of the room that we opted for, “Where’s Cuddles?” We wanted something cute and not too serious. Hahaha. Damn guniang, we all. It was cute lah. A room full of bear plushies, what’s not to like?

It turned out more difficult than we thought. We knew the direction and methods to get out, but somehow somewhere we just got stuck. It was pretty challenging because it not only tests us on speed but also on our knowledge on different areas. There was one part music notes were given and we had to figure out. Phew! I didn’t study music for 14 years for nothing.

We didn’t successfully ‘escaped’ the room within the time limit even though we knew how to do it. But nonetheless we had loads of fun!

IMG-20150924-WA0012_edit IMG-20150924-WA0015_edit

Life size plushie! It would definitely take up quite a bit of space if I ever get it for my house.

After that we walked around for a bit before deciding to go back a second time! We really wanted to test out abilities and intelligence. We took another room, a much darker and scarier looking room. With only limited light sources in the room, we had to look for hints and clues to find the escape route. It was quite frustrating halfway because the lightings were very bad. We even had a damaged clue that eventually had to call the staff in for assistance. However, we managed to escape successfully!!


This game concept is really addictive. We should go try others soon!

It was time for dinner after the second game. Wanted to try korean BBQ but the queue was way too long. Therefore, we settled with MK Restaurant for a steamboat dinner.


I truly enjoyed this untypical hen’s party! It was just lots of fun with my closest girlfriends and nothing too crazy or non-sober hahaha. 姐妹们,你们对我太好了!


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