Goodbye, Office!

Leland and I will be flying off to Europe, mainly Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I deliberately chose a date for the honeymoon so it wouldn’t clash with the shifting date, however the dates for shifting changed and it still clashed. So I had to make sure I packed and labelled everything nicely before I fly off so my colleagues could help with my area.

On top of that, I had to pack for Bee Choo since she’s on indefinite leave since her operation.

Today would be the very last day in this office at Blk 1. We will be moving to the block nearer to SIM (ohgodwhy… Such a long walk from the bus stop!) I will definitely miss this place. I wouldn’t even know if I’ll be staying long enough to shift back in less than 2 years time. Hopefully.

goodbye for now

Our last photo together in the new office. Ernie is on leave today so we can’t cry together. But this place brings back lots of memories. I’ve met her and other awesome colleagues who have become friends whom I will cherish my whole life. Thanks for the memories, office. Even though I hated the stress and other factors that made me cry a few times silently in the washroom, I still like this place mainly because of the people around (who gossip with me) who eventually make things better.

Hope to see you again, Block 1, Level 7!

More packing at home to do for honeymoon. Since it’s winter now, I’m loading on 3 winter jackets. 0 degrees celcius, no fear!

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