We’re back!!

Just a quick update on our honeymoon before I hit the sack.

I absolutely love the weather in Europe! It was freezing yet comfortable at the same time. It went as low as -6°C and as high as 21°C despite being the winter season. Paris was the hottest city. Why don’t we get 4 seasons in SG? I would very much want to visit Europe again in another season. New goal in life. Perhaps when we are older and with kids haha.

A journey to Europe – 6 to 18 December. 12 days, 11 nights. 4 countries – Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France. I would love to go back to Italy again. Italian pasta FTW! Also gelato in winter! Awesome idea!

Paris was overrated despite the hype about how romantic it was. When you’re stuck in the city jam for more than an hour, romance is nowhere found. I did manage to do some somewhat satisfactory shopping in Florence and Paris. I would have gotten more if not for my bursting luggages. We bought a new Samsonite luggage to accommodate to the increasing baggage weight hahaha. We were so close to exceeding the maximum weight of 60kg for 2.

While I’m still sorting out my photos from my camera, this is one touristy shot at the Leaning Tower of Pisa taken on my phone.


Currently busy settling down in the ‘new’ office which has zero reception! No 4G, no calls can reach me. -_-

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