12 days to moving to Punggol!

I am psyched! Our official moving-in date was brought forward from the initial 2 Feb because the renovation seems to be going smooth on schedule. *fingers and toes crossed no last minute hiccups* So we’ll be moving in on 30 Jan instead!

Ok honestly, I’m not too pleased with the whole renovation processes because my ID over-promised and under-delivered a lot of things. Perhaps, this will be a post on its own.

So even though she said that handover will be this Friday (22 Jan), we shall not expect too much.

Handing over means we could remove the number lock on our gate, that gives access to the workers who come in to do reno works, and change back to our original lock. This also mean we can start bringing our personal items over and have our furniture delivered without the fear of strangers entering our house.

I cringe everytime I think of the workers using our bathrooms but oh well, I can’t possibly force them to run down to the opposite kopitiam toilet right? I was hoping they used it cleanly. I just need to clean the house thoroughly before we start staying in it.

I haven’t seen the house for at least 2 weeks now because I can’t make it down on the weekdays and we’re burnt on weekends with sourcing for house accessories. Just last weekend, we went round buying cleaning materials and getting supplies for kitchen purposes. Leland has been going down almost everyday to check on the progress and updating me with photos. Carpentry looks neat but I can’t tell much if I’m not there personally.

I am now dreading my packing of stuff to bring over for at least 2 – 3 weeks of stay because I wouldn’t have time to return to my mum’s home since CNY is also nearing. A lot of cleaning to do before we move in and letting Casper roam the house freely. Cannot imagine if he starts picking places to mark his territories.

But at least, it is our home. So I have no need to lock him up when anyone who are afraid of dogs come by.

So far I only know one neighbour opposite us at the 5-roomer. I wonder who is our next door neighbour. I pray they are nice.


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