Time to update our ICs!

We officially moved in on 30 Jan, Saturday! It’s been slightly more than 2 weeks and I’m getting really comfortable at my own home.

Firstly, moving isn’t easy. I didn’t exactly have much time to pack my stuff to bring over so only managed to bring some clothes for work, casual and the upcoming CNY. *gasp* Need to give angbao this year. Yes, I know first-year newly-weds no need to give, but you go bai nian then go empty-handed won’t paiseh meh?? Plus, CNY is about giving our blessings to the younger (or unmarried) ones.

I didn’t even bring Casper and his stuff until the end of the day when we returned home for a quick bit. We needed to make sure we cleaned the house nicely before letting him walk around it.

So moving in involved a few fengshui procedures. The day before, Leland already went down to do simple prayers to thank the Gods for the smooth renovation.

On the move-in day, we reached slightly after 11am since the auspicious hour was 11 to 1pm.

First thing to do upon opening the main door, we had to read out loud auspicious words to sort of ‘bless’ the house with all fortunate stuff.

Then we had to open all windows, turn on all lights, fan and aircon. Then turn on the water tap for the water to flow (water symbolizes fortune).

I proceeded to boil water and had to say a few auspicious words along the action. I use the boiling water to cook tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) with peanut (strictly no sesame fillings) to symbolize a sweet marriage.


I must say I was pretty proud with myself. My first time cooking yang yuan. Even though I bought the frozen tang yuan from NTUC, but still good enough effort. With a few pieces of rock sugar and a can of sweet peanuts, the tang yuan was ready to be served.


At that point, we could turn off the water and aircon and sit down to enjoy a sumptuous meal. Of course we didn’t have time to whip up a sumptuous meal so we dabao-ed prior to reaching home.

Korean food from opposite our place. Chicken, pork, veggie, soup. It’s pretty much 3 dishes and a soup, considered quite sumptuous already for 2 of us.


We couldn’t finish our meal which also symbolizes plenty of food on the table, no fear of starvation. Haha.

We spent the entire day cleaning up the house since construction for other blocks and some neighbours were still going on. The place was dusty as long as we keep the windows open.

So Leland probably mopped the house 3 times that day. I was doing organizing in the kitchen and cleaning of our wardrobe. We wanted to hire professional cleaners which would cost $300 – $400 for 4 hours of service. Ditched the thought and decided to do it ourselves.

By the time we settled most housework, it was dinner time. Nothing to cook except instant noodles haha. Korean kimchi noodles for dinner then.

Then we went back to the west to pick up Casper and a few other stuff.

I was sure he was pretty lost at the new place since the last time he was there was when we just collected our keys.

It would really take some effort and time to let him adapt to a completely new environment.


This was him on our bed on our first night at Punggol. Could tell he was comfortable.

Day 2 was spent running errands. We left Casper at my sis’ place nearby and proceeded to Waterway Point to get some groceries and kitchenware.


Casper having a good time there I suppose. Look at his cute smile on his face while on the beanbag. Prompted me to get one too.

WWP was crazily crowded. Sunday was probably one of the wrong days to do grocery shopping. We queued so long everywhere we went. NTUC lines were snake-long. Since we didn’t park at WWP, we had to lug all the shopping bags over to my sis’ place, thankfully just diagonally across the mall.

We picked Casper up and rushed back to make dinner. Having our own kitchen just urged me to make more homecooked meals. Aspiring housewife in the making haha.


Simple aglio olio with a generous amount of ingredients and mushroom soup.

Even Casper gets a share.


I’m still trying to grasp the amount of food to cook for 2 since I’m pretty used to cooking more. Whatever leftovers will be my lunch for the next day.


Casper eyeing the papaya very closely. He got to eat some, of course.


And then he made himself really comfortable. No matter how big a sofa we get, he will always take up the biggest space.

I took the Monday off to do more housework and unpacking.

I filled up 2 huge luggages and many bags full of stuff from my old place and only brought over 10% of my stuff. How did I become a hoarder unknowingly?

After unpacking, I realised my luggage-full of clothes weren’t even enough for 2 weeks worth. And my old wardrobe still looked untouched. *shake head*


Was doing some work while having Casper beside me since he needed time to warm up and I couldn’t leave him alone. And he did this while I was on my laptop.

So cute! Looking at himself through the mirror.

I initially wanted a full-view mirror but Leland rejected my idea saying it’s hard to maintain.


Casper got bored.

When I got down to doing housework, he would just lay around the floor watching me in action. He didn’t even need to lift a paw.


At times, I catch him looking out the window. Primary school just beside our place definitely caught his attention.

Having a full height window definitely was one of the perks when we chose this place. Casper would be able to people-watch whenever he wants. Haha.

So far we haven’t invited any friends over yet. Only my in-laws came by during CNY to look-see. My mum hasn’t even seen our place because it’s too far from her place. But soon, I’ll get her over to our place for lunch.

Looking forward to some gatherings already at our place in the near future.

Next post, CNY as Mr & Mrs!


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