Too many things, too little time

Ok I’m catching a breather after a super hectic period at work! In fact, this has been going on for the past month and will continue til mid-May.

But thankfully managed to squeeze time to pen down some mundane stuff that’s been happening or happened.

Yes! We finally changed our addresses! Did it over the Good Friday PH since we didn’t have plans that day. It must have been a good day to change addresses since the police station was bustling with new couples walking in to change theirs haha. Leland hates having the new address pasted over his almost-very-new NRIC and blamed it on HDB issuing us the keys only AFTER he changed his IC. And now he’s gotta live with that ugly piece of stuck-on address, in a slightly slanted manner especially, til the end of time, or if he loses his card.

And I’m only gonna change mine next year so just tolerate that sticker for 1 more year or so then goodbye ugly, hello spanking new IC.

So lately, I’ve been having food cravings that I kinda forced Leland to go get because I’m the biggest, so he has no choice but to satisfy them haha. There are some still unsatisfied ones because either they are too out of the way or the cravings die down after a while, so yup, no urgency to get them.

But damn it, I’m still craving for black fried carrot cake!! It’s been weeks!!

And Casper has been throwing tantrums and ignoring me for the longest time ever. He sticks extremely closely to Leland now because he just hates me for no reason. Ok, perhaps I know but it’s ridiculous! Jealous little boy! Hmph!! He’s making me go to him instead of coming to me when I call him. “Casper, come here!” and he walks off to the opposite direction like I never made any commands. Except when I’ve got food in my hand, of course. Well done, Casper. Well done! But yea, you’re just too cute for me to get angry with. So I shall forgive your temperament.

Pretty busy the past few weekends either having gatherings or more gatherings. It’s good. Catching up with friends at this time is a good thing for me.

Having a church wedding lunch tomorrow and will be seeing more relatives. Somehow after getting married, I’ve lost chances for meeting my relatives and my grandma, especially, but yet I’ve also gained the importance of family bonding.

So while I get myself busy bonding with my family, I will also try to update this space more often.

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