Watch out for Redbean!

As some of you may have already known from my announcement on facebook/instagram, I’m gonna announce it here too.

I’m pregnant!

baby announcement2_mr1459580982720

The announcement had to be made with Casper involved since he’s gonna lose his position as the baby of the house soon. He definitely isn’t too happy about it now that he’s sensed that I’m not what I used to be.

Jealous boy.

Our baby is nicknamed Redbean because the hubby’s surname is Ang (Hong in Hanyu Pinyin) so Redbean (Hong Dou) sounds very appropriate. He grew from the size of a bean anyway.

We are both pretty chill so far, considering I’m mid-term already. We haven’t gotten any baby stuff yet except some clothes. I haven’t even found an Infant Care for him when my maternity leave ends. Haven’t thought too far about the plans for Redbean yet. We are too chill, too cool. For now, we’re just monitoring his growth closely to ensure he’s growing healthily.

Expecting a whale in the house soon. *major sulk*


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