Redbean – Finding Out

Redbean wasn’t an accident-accident. He just happened earlier than we thought. We were already planning for a monkey baby since before our marriage so it was just sooner or later. Hahaha I wanted a baby more than our own two-people time.

So while in Europe for our honeymoon, I somewhat already suspected something wasn’t too normal.

These were some early signs I noticed prior to finding out.

Late period

I used to have really irregular periods until I started on folic acid. Somehow those yellow pills regulated my period. Then I couldn’t be disciplined enough to continue so I stopped for a few months.

Eventually we returned to Singapore and started on renovation works immediately. We had to get all the renovation done by end January so that we could move in by CNY. I blamed it on stress that my period was late.

Extreme fatigue

The week I returned to office, I found myself dozing off in front of my monitor badly after lunch. Despite the fear of being seen, I gave up a few times and just snoozed. When I got home, I dozed off in front of the TV at 8, 9pm. I blamed it on jet lag.


I haven’t had pimples for a while. They were either small or healed quickly. But I had one major pimple on my right cheek that just wouldn’t pop after days. I blamed it on the vast change in weather from 0 to 36°C.

Slight weight gain

Honeymoon. That’s why. We ate a lot.

Body aches

I unpacked and carried heavy stuff at the new office, trying to settle down. Went home with aching arms. I blamed it on a pulled muscle.

Constantly hungry

Somehow I thought this symptom was a wee tad early so I thought I was just being greedy.

These were some signs that prompted me to test it out for a confirmation. I couldn’t ignore them any further.


Nope, nothing changed with my boobs yet. Boo!

We drank wine, eaten not fully-cooked steak, climbed mountains, took cable cars, etc in Europe. Things that the most elderly would forbid if you are pregnant.

Two pregnancy test kits confirmed my suspicions. (I bought two thinking that I would probably need a second one just in case.)


I broke down due to mixed feelings, mostly guilt. An hour before I got myself tested, I was still sipping wine with friends at my place. Guilty much.

Leland made an appointment with a gynae for me to get it checked and confirmed. The nurse told us on the phone our appointment date based on my last menses, saying that it would be more accurate if I did an ultrasound from week 7 onwards. The 2-weeks wait to see the gynae was agonising.

My gynae, Dr Goh Shen Li, asked me a few basic questions like “Are you pregnant?” to which I answered “I think so, yes, I did two tests.” And she did an ultrasound to reconfirm. Seeing our baby on the monitor brought me to tears immediately. This little life was in me for the last 7 weeks. So tiny, so fragile, so precious. Leland was pretty calm, on the other hand. Hahaha he must be thinking of the practical issues instead of being over-emotional like me.


So why Redbean?

I have been thinking of a nickname for our future kid. The hubby’s surname is Ang (洪 ‘hong’ in Chinese) so I wanted to call our kid something that relates with his surname. 红 (red) was the easiest. 红包,红绿灯,红鸡蛋 were some options haha. Then it hit me that I really like eating red bean soup or anything with red bean. 红豆!红豆汤 also can! In hokkien, it’ll be Ang Dao! Hahahaha! How appropriate!

At 7 weeks, our kid was the size of a sesame seed. Close enough.

Basically, there wasn’t much to see at 7 weeks. But he is inside me and knowing that made me anticipate his arrival even more! Who would he look like more? I hope he gets Leland’s nose and my eyes. And of course, nice hair. Ha!


This was Week 12 and he’s starting to take shape into a baby!! He was about few centimetres long then but we could clearly see his heart beating away.

Dr Goh suggested me to take a few tests to test for Down Syndrome and other abnormalities in Redbean. There were 3 types of tests, ranging from few hundreds to few thousands  bucks. We took the mid-range one – OSCAR test – based on my age not being over 35, so risks were generally lower, so we took this without burning a hole in our pocket.

It was worrying because we were afraid Redbean wasn’t growing well. Paranoia hit me real bad. Eventually I had to take my blood to be tested which I was really fearful of needles. But hey, giving birth would be much worse!

Thankfully the risks were very low! That’s when I only know why my friends were urging me to have a kid asap before I become too old! It was nerve-wrecking just waiting to find out the results!

At week 16, I asked Dr Goh if she could tell the gender. She said most probably is a boy but it’s still early and it could only be confirmed at week 20 onwards.

Fast forward another four weeks when I did my 20th-week detailed scan. Baby’s internal organs could be seen and were checked for abnormalities. Everything was good! Baby is average size (considering both of us aren’t too big size) and was weighing 318g then. And atlas! We found out Redbean is a boy!!! Because of his rather obvious ding-a-ling sticking out between his legs hahaha!

Unlike many of my friends, I actually wish for my first kid to be a boy! Partially because I have always felt a big brother would be the protector of the family and his future sibilings.

I am currently in my 24th week and it’s just amazing seeing him grow bit by bit. Every visit to the gynae makes me yearn to see new progress in his growth. He was once a few millimetres and now he’s grow double the size from the last scan, weighing over 700g!

I am gaining weight faster than I thought, with an increase of 6kg at 6 months. Stepping on the weighing scale has become a depressing moment but I remind myself every single time I’m pregnant, that’s why. As long as Redbean is growing well, it is all worth it. I MUST lose the pregnancy weight after he’s out. I. MUST.

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