Being Pregnant – Pros and Cons

So how many mothers have told you that they truly enjoy their pregnancy period? Like 100% truly deeply enjoy the back aches, muscle aches, drastic weight gain, can’t fit into anything in their wardrobe and having to spend more money on new clothes. Even the bigger boobs come with a price! They ache and become so sensitive to touch.

I am in constant battle with the angel and devil figures in my mind. It is tough because of the physical changes. But it is also a bliss because I’m being over-pampered by Leland now. I don’t even need to lift a finger now for any chores.

Not that I hate being pregnant but I do wish pregnancy doesn’t take so long. Of course I wish that Redbean stays inside til he’s full term (because that would ensure he’s healthier than popping earlier than expected) and pop only when he’s ready to see the world. But at the same time, I wish he comes out earlier so I can feel less discomfort every night. Pelvic muscles are aching so much just adjusting my position on bed is a hassle. Not to mention the increased frequency of urination!

I have to cut down on my water intake at night to prevent waking up too often to pee. It’s disrupting my sleep. I can’t even sleep well when Redbean pops, so the more I should sleep now! But my dear Redbean seems to enjoy punching and stepping on my bladder to squeeze out every single drop of water inside. But despite taking little water, I still have a full bladder.

Recently I’ve been feeling more strain on my pelvic floor muscles. They ache easily if I stand or walk for awhile, like 30 minutes or so. I haven’t been exercising ever since I got pregnant unlike before where I would still take my weekly Zumba and Yogalates classes at work. Now I feel I’m completely unfit and weak to be carrying a ball around.

Until now I’ve been complaining more than enjoying the process haha! I still love being pregnant for the fact that I have fuller boobs now and this is enough to boost my confidence for a bit. I mean, pregnant women have that glow, you know! Ok lah it’s not accurate to say that cos not everyone glows during pregnancy. See lah! Not everyone enjoys pregnancy one!

I’m also glad I don’t have any facial changes (choy! Hope I don’t jinx myself by saying this) as compared to some others I know. Colleagues are still singing praises of how I look radiant and nothing has changed for my face. *cross fingers and toes*

I feel the gush of fatigue everytime I reach home that I just plop myself on the sofa waiting for food. It’s crazy how I turned out so lazy tired. I don’t even have the energy to play with Casper, no wonder he’s ignoring me so much ever since I got pregnant. This boy is jealous! He’s losing his baby status pretty soon and I’m sure he doesn’t like it at all.

I am also having more difficulties in sleeping at night now at 28 weeks. No matter how I lie I feel uncomfortable. Tummy, you’re getting too in the way!

Redbean’s kicks have gradually become pushes instead considering the space inside is getting more compact. His pushes/nudges are so sudden and strong at times I wriggle along with him. Despite the discomfort, I really feel I will miss him being inside after he’s out.

I’m about 10 weeks to seeing my Redbean (that is if he decides to pop earlier than my EDD) and I’m pretty psyched! Not looking forward to the labour pains and having my below being cut open at all but I’m sure I can do it! Pass me the epidural and laughing gas!


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