Being Pregnant – Week 34

It was the first time I had my checkup alone since the hubby was called up for reservist. What a bummer.

Also my first time grabbing car with GrabCar. Quite a pleasant experience even though the first driver cancelled on me. At least the one who eventually came was nice.

Visiting the gynae alone was somewhat intimidating. I wished Leland was with me but he had his national duty to fulfill. Redbean understands.

I felt somewhat comforted after seeing a couple of MTBs alone as well even though I was sure they also wished their hubbies were with them.

Week 34 checkup included a GBS test – basically what Dr Goh did was a vaginal swab test with a cotton bud – to test for bacteria infection in the inner region. She said about 30% preggies will get this infection and will require antibiotics to prevent baby from getting it as well.

I also found out I didn’t gain much weight in 2 weeks as compared to the last 2 visits. Probably around 300g from the last checkup 2 weeks ago. Redbean absorbed ALL of the 300g! He’s currently weighing at 2.39kg now to which Dr Goh was pleasant with the rate he’s growing.

Previously she kept emphasizing he was chubby and I had to cut down on carbs. I guess I have tried to cut down but still gotta take 1 portion of rice/noodles at least. Was kinda surprised I only gained 300g in 2 weeks, but good news, at least I wouldn’t have to worry about losing them after.

She also estimated his birth weight to be around 3.1kg if the rate is constant. Hopefully Redbean doesn’t get my heavy birth genes. I weighed almost 4.1kg at birth! My mum must have had a really tough time.

As the weeks draw nearer to my EDD, I am slightly panicking. Especially when some of the other August mummies are already popping one by one (some preemie, some induced). I do hope Redbean comes ON time. Not too early please. I mean, I don’t like surprises like this. I prefer to plan my life instead of getting impromptu changes. So Redbean, please behave. As much as we are eager to see you, but it’s still a lil early. Stay inside and enjoy the warmth for now!

His movements are getting more uncomfortable as days go by. His nudges and pushes are getting aggressive. One night, I had a sharp pain on the left side of my tummy. Looked down and noticed a RIGHT ANGLE tummy, probably his leg pushing my stomach wall, jutting out from the usual roundness. It hurt for that few seconds while I was amazed at his strength.

I’m not sure if I will miss his movements after he’s out since my sleep is already affected by them. Every angle is an uncomfortable angle.

I’m tired. And emotional. I thought I have passed that emotional phase since my 3rd trimester hit. But now I can really just burst out in tears for no absolute reason. Ok maybe out of fear and anxiety for most part of it.

I am indirectly affecting Redbean by crying a lot lately. I foresee he would be a crybaby, or at least a frowny one.

Sorry Redbean. Mummy’s been really cranky nowadays. 


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