Name reveal!

I can never understand how parents would intentionally misspell their kids’ names just to look unique. It just makes pronunciation difficult for others and people might end up spelling my kid’s name wrongly.

I want a name that is legitimately spelt and have a nice meaning to it. So I chose a very safe name that most people would know how to pronounce. I say most because I still hear people mispronouncing his name. *rolls eyes*

The shortlisting process took us quite a while because Leland had his preferences while I had mine. We were torn between his name n my name. I googled and researched on the meanings on the shortlisted names and eventually settled with mine. Ha! I win!

We even decided on his Chinese name based on the book Leland’s dad showed to us, involving the five elements of their surname and specific number of strokes. We decided to just settle his Chinese name based on the book without the need of getting it ‘calculated’ by a fortune teller to cut the hassle. Then at least we can get his name registered at the hospital once he pops without any delay.


CALEB [kay-lub]

– faithful, devotion, whole-hearted, bold, brave

Definitely a very meaningful name for our boy. Exactly what I want him to be when he grows up.

So there we have it. Our first miracle redbean. Mister Caleb Ang. 😀

I’m anxiously counting down to seeing him. At 36 weeks, I am getting edgy about every single sign I experience. I wake up every morning and feel my bed to check if it’s wet. It could be my water bag broke without me knowing. I check my underwear for signs of mucus plus or bloody ‘show’ everytime I pee. I try to differentiate the aches I have and find out if they are contractions instead. I’m almost getting an anxiety attack!

I’ve even created an instagram account for him, along with Casper, his big brother (@casperandcaleb). Super gan chiong me! I’ll update periodically about both their progress haha but since Caleb isn’t out yet, it’s more of Casper now.

I really hope Casper is excited about Caleb’s arrival even though he has been jealous and ignoring me for the past 9 months ever since he sensed it. But I also noticed he’s been quietly protecting and looking out for me at home, even to the extent of quietly sitting beside me without Leland around.

Caleb, you’ve been moving very aggressively these few days. It’s hurting Mummy at times. But I will tahan until you decide to say hi to us! But try as much as you can to be gentle ok?


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