Casper, my stranger, my angel

Ever since I got pregnant, I have been trying to introduce this new change in me to Casper to prepare him for a new additional to the family. Because he’s probably gonna lose his baby status at home very soon, I figured it would be good to preempt him, whether he understood or not.

Apparently, he is well aware of this and probably is angry about it.

He ignores me. In fact, he has been ignoring me ever since we moved to Punggol. Pretty much the same time we found out we’re pregnant. He would whine every single time Leland goes out without us, maybe just to get lunch, or to throw the garbage, or just to sweep the corridor outside our unit.

Every single time Leland is out of Casper’s sight, he whines. Even within the house, when I’m in the room and I lure Casper in since I’ve already turned on the aircon, he would just sit at the door and wait for his daddy to come in.

He ignores my commands. He ignores me calling his name. He avoids eye contact. He does the opposite of what I tell him to do.

I’m literally invisible to him.

I would try to carry him and put him near my tummy to tell him “Didi (younger brother) is inside, he’s coming out soon so you must be nice to him ok? Must sayang (love) Didi ok?”

He would either struggle to get off my tummy or give a completely unconcerned expression. “Damn you Mummy. I should be your ONLY baby!”

Damn. This boy’s got attitude.

The only time he would come to me is when I’m eating or when I have his treats in my hand.

Thanks, Casper. I’m only a feeding machine to you.

Here are just a few shots of him being extremely sai-nai to Leland.

Daddy’s my best friend!

He’s my protector.

Daddy is my everything!

Daddy, why did you leave me here alone with Mummy???

I’ll just wait for you here, Daddy.

Daddy, let me in! I don’t wanna be outside with Mummy!

But I gotta say, he’s also been subtly watching over me sometimes, especially towards the later stages of this pregnancy. Like a creepy stalker sometimes. I ain’t complaining since he’s already ignored me a lot, so when I see him looking out for me at times, I feel a sense of warmth inside.

20160416_135021_edit20160526_222744_edit   20160610_110045_edit 

Most of them are peeking at me while I’m doing my business. He’ll always watch me as I walk to the bathroom. Sometimes he sits outside and waits for me, sometimes he walks off after he’s sure I’m safe in the bathroom.


This is one of the rare photos of him willingly lying on my stomach, at least for a while even after I took a shot. He’s sayang-ing both me and his brother at the same time. This alone warms my heart enough.


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