Being Pregnant – Signs of Labour

Holy cow! Ever since Dr Goh told me I was 1.5cm dilated on Monday, I was somewhat in an anxious mode, kept anticipating my water bag breaking and feeling the water dripping/trickling/gushing out from below. Though she did mention dilation can be slow, from days to weeks.

After that visit, I kept looking out for more signs of labour.

My mucus plug dislodged today! With a slight brown tinge, mixed with some blood.

Nobody panics. It’s pretty normal. Some other mummies dropped their mucus plug weeks before labour. But since I’m already so near my EDD, I should be expecting labour to happen within these few days.

Another sign that hinted me was I had looser bowel movements the past 2 days.

I also felt baby drop some time in Week 36 or 37, so I’m less breathless nowadays.

I can hardly get up from bed these days as well, no matter how much I want to. I wanna make full use of my time awake to do more before I deliver. But I find myself snoozing til 10am everyday now. Weekends, beyond 12pm.

These ARE signs of labour!

Let’s see if Redbean decides to come on his Daddy’s birthday, which is tomorrow.


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