3 weeks old!

Baby Caleb is 3 weeks old today.

Just 3 weeks ago, he was still giving me a hard time in the labour ward. Time flew past rather quickly. Now he’s put on a bit more weight and getting chubbier everywhere, especially his cheeks. He looks more like Leland now haha! Indirectly saying Caleb resembles his dad cos they are both fat.

This boy has been pretty cranky the past week ever since he got a scare from my mum for shouting too loudly being over-excited seeing Caleb on her weekly visit. Ok Mummy, you gotta chill. Your grandson cranky means no one can rest at all.

At least I’m still on my confinement and the aunty is still around to help, I still can get ample rest and shun some mummy duties and pretend I didn’t hear Caleb’s cryings.

Motherhood is really awesome. Everyone tells me that and I believe it now.

Other than his crankiness, a whole load of dirty diapers and cleaning his ass, constant feedings every 1 to 2 hours (growth spurt!), sore tits from both latching and pumping, restless days and nights, constant cracking of brain to soothe a crying baby, constantly feeling hot since no fans allowed during confinement, dirty hair, ugly nursing wear and strict diet, motherhood is just awesome. Seeing him wide awake and smiling at me just makes me forget all the exhaustion and ‘pain’ I go through for this little guy.



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