Motherhood is incredulous

Incredible + Ridiculous.

Babies are a fun bunch but not when they are crying at 3am for milk. I have been warned about losing sleep and I have mentally prepared myself for it. I thought “hey no big deal, I used to stay up late til 5am without sleeping when I was young.” Keywords: when I was young.

Whoever would think that dragging yourself up from bed at 3am to breastfeed a crying baby would be so physically tormenting. And with a sleepy baby who latched on for just a bit before dozing back off to sleep, and then crying again in 1 hour. So not fun.

Why did I allow myself to be subjected to such slavery?

Confinement aunty has left and I miss her terribly. Because I am so not enjoying night duties. But when he flashes a quick smile at me, everything tough is forgotten. Strange, how this little tiny baby can mess up my mind this way.

Motherhood is ridiculous because no one ever gets sleep now. But it’s also been incredible because it’s so satisfying.


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