Growing up fast and furious

Caleb has been growing up so fast that he has new surprises for me and himself every single day. I didn’t exactly track down on a journal what he did or discovered everytime, just more or less know which week he did what. I might forget all his milestones soon.

Having his photo taken everyday without fail, I can really see how much he’s grown. It’s almost impossible to capture a sharp shot of him since he’s always moving his hands and kicking his legs. He can turn his head faster than I blink my eyes!

I am trying hard to provide the best I think it is for him so I don’t have much regrets. He’s been really clingy nowadays (13th week now) and cannot be left alone for too long. Too long is like 30 seconds. -_- So it’s a lot of babywearing while we’re at home. It helps him sleep and allows me to get some rest time. Gives my arms a very much wanted break as well. I’m guessing he’s around 6kg now which is weight I’m already afraid of cos I feel I might drop him. But luckily the weight gain is gradual so it gives my muscles some time to get used to it.

Staying home isn’t too bad. The thought of going back to work haunts me because I don’t wish to be away from Caleb for a minute. Missing out on his milestones would be the greatest regret. I am really considering to become a SAHM (stay at home mum) so I can focus all my energy on this lil guy. Growing with him is an extremely fulfilling job.

Blogging would be lesser as well since most of my free time would be resting and doing nothing (if that’s even possible) but I would still wish to blog as often as I can. Stay tuned.


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