20 weeks young

Now that I have some me-time (cos Mum’s doing her nanny duties), I am able to update this blog.

Time flew past so fast! It was Christmas then we bid goodbye to 2016 and hello 2017. Soon it will be CNY again!

Last CNY, we went visiting as newly-weds to give out angbaos and still got to receive them! Win-win! I was already pregnant then but we told no one. So when everyone advised us to faster pop one baby to recoup our angbao losses, we just kept quiet haha. And tadah! Caleb came along and he’ll be going visiting, collecting some angbaos too for his savings.

24 Dec – We had a Christmas Eve potluck gathering with some of Leland’s friends at home. Pretty sure Caleb enjoyed his time especially having so much attention on him haha. It was his first Christmas afterall. Everything is new to him.

Mummy, are you sure Christmas trees come in this size?

25 Dec – We got him a present for Xmas – a high chair from Ikea. Haha! Apparently Singaporeans celebrate Xmas by going to Ikea.

And he was happy with it!

29 Dec – He took his 4-month vaccination and I let him wear something new to perk him up.


Yup. Awesome baby is awesome.

I used to feel nervous when we bring him for his vaccinations. It’s bound to hurt, having a needle poke thru his thighs. And sometimes it’s not just one jab. But after witnessing a couple of vaccinations done, I got over the fear and did what mummies do. Carry him and soothe him. He stopped crying within a minute and was all smiles again.

Sometimes taking a selfie is a good distraction.

1 Jan 2017 – We had a New Year potluck (again!) gathering at a friend’s place and Caleb finally seen mahjong! This mummy played mahjong on a weekly basis while pregnant and haven’t touched it since his birth so hands very itchy.

I also purposely dressed him up like Daddy in the same colour but I forgot to take photo!

The only OOTD photo of him. Urgh! I shall force Leland to wear the same combination again and make them take photo together.

The only consolation that night, I won money in mahjong hahaha!


Learning to pose with his tongue sticking out.


And seriously, everyone (who doesn’t know Caleb, like random strangers at the mall) thinks that he’s a girl. Pretty boy cannot meh? People are telling me my next kid will be a girl. Ok lor. No preference as long as healthy. But if it’s true, I foresee spending more money on clothes and accessories since they can’t share.



7 Jan – We had a celebration for Mum’s retirement (and re-employment) at Todai. First and last time there. It just wasn’t worth the money.

8 Jan – Leland had a wedding lunch in Orchard so I went shopping with Mum and Caleb. It’s funny how I decide on a place to go based on their Nursing facilities. It’s good that some mummies share their reviews on nursing rooms on their blogs and we can refer to them. So far, Taka has a really nice nursing room.

Our selfie at Paragon’s nursing room. Slightly disappointed with the room as it wasn’t air-conditioned. They merely hung up a fan cooler in a small cubicle with sofa. Not sure if it was just that room I was in or it’s the same for others. Luckily it wasn’t stuffy and Caleb was quick enough with his milk.

My baby wasn’t all about smiles and cuddles. He has his cranky moments too.

Caleb’s present – bed railing. Bought this from Taobao and Leland installed it last night. No need to worry about him rolling off the bed.

Ok. So I’m less than 3 weeks away to returning to work. NOOOOoooooo! I don’t want!

Ever since Mummy’s retirement on end Dec last year, she came over to our place for on-the-job training with caring for Caleb, I cried 2 nights in a row. Mummy’s guilt. I couldn’t help but feel extremely down about the fact that I’m returning to work soon and Caleb is behaving extremely crankily with my mum that she had difficulties trying to soothe him. He was constantly crying for me and rejected his grandmother. I was extremely tempted to return to work with my resignation letter with immediate effect to become a stay-at-home mum. But I gave us time. I needed to learn to let go. Caleb and mum needed time to bond.

Somehow Caleb seemed to warm up with Mum even though he was still cranky at times. I blame his 4-month growth spurt for his fussiness.

Having my mum around, in fact, made me miss her quite a bit. I have moved out from her place for almost a year now and it took me some getting used to having no mummy to do the housework and chit chat with after dinner. So now she’s with us for the weekdays, I feel a slight warmth inside.


Technically, I became her employer haha. And she’s taking my instructions on how to care for Caleb. Thankfully she’s a responsible person haha.

Lengthy post. I should go back to my mummy duties now. I had a few hours of me-time and already missing my son. How do I even survive a full work day??


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