29 weeks young

Caleb turns 29 weeks young. That means he reached his major 6-month milestone almost 3 weeks ago. I was extremely excited about this 6-month milestone because I’ve been wanting to let him try solids.

And he’s been surprising us with new achievements everyday. He’s able to sit up very steadily now without support and he can crawl! Goodness! His crawling is a sign of loss of freedom. We can never leave him alone for a second because he would be in a different position just turning away for a split second.

Look Ma, I can sit without support.

Look Ma, I’m crawling! Come catch me!

Earlier this week, he attempted to stand by pulling himself up with stuff in his way. This isn’t something we wanna celebrate yet. Him walking is a sign of loss of freedom. Can we even sit down for a minute without keeping our eyes off him? Hell no! Baby-proofing the house isn’t the most easy way out either.

He’s been pretty vocal lately as well, screaming his way to get our attention. Definitely working since I wouldn’t want the neighbours to think we are abusing him.

Caleb baby, you are growing very fast. I wish you could slow down a lil. Mummy is missing out on your milestones while at work.

I’m also fishing for time to be able to do a proper update but this will do for now. Caleb is extremely clingy to me whenever he sees my existence, otherwise he’s fine with my Mum. While I’m slogging hard at work to save up funds for his education and have some me time, I’m also missing him terribly. Leaving home for the office is the worst decision every single morning.

Loving this koala very much.

Anticipating the days I get to spend quality time with him.


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