29 weeks young

Caleb turns 29 weeks young. That means he reached his major 6-month milestone almost 3 weeks ago. I was extremely excited about this 6-month milestone because I’ve been wanting to let him try solids.

And he’s been surprising us with new achievements everyday. He’s able to sit up very steadily now without support and he can crawl! Goodness! His crawling is a sign of loss of freedom. We can never leave him alone for a second because he would be in a different position just turning away for a split second.

Look Ma, I can sit without support.

Look Ma, I’m crawling! Come catch me!

Earlier this week, he attempted to stand by pulling himself up with stuff in his way. This isn’t something we wanna celebrate yet. Him walking is a sign of loss of freedom. Can we even sit down for a minute without keeping our eyes off him? Hell no! Baby-proofing the house isn’t the most easy way out either.

He’s been pretty vocal lately as well, screaming his way to get our attention. Definitely working since I wouldn’t want the neighbours to think we are abusing him.

Caleb baby, you are growing very fast. I wish you could slow down a lil. Mummy is missing out on your milestones while at work.

I’m also fishing for time to be able to do a proper update but this will do for now. Caleb is extremely clingy to me whenever he sees my existence, otherwise he’s fine with my Mum. While I’m slogging hard at work to save up funds for his education and have some me time, I’m also missing him terribly. Leaving home for the office is the worst decision every single morning.

Loving this koala very much.

Anticipating the days I get to spend quality time with him.


20 weeks young

Now that I have some me-time (cos Mum’s doing her nanny duties), I am able to update this blog.

Time flew past so fast! It was Christmas then we bid goodbye to 2016 and hello 2017. Soon it will be CNY again!

Last CNY, we went visiting as newly-weds to give out angbaos and still got to receive them! Win-win! I was already pregnant then but we told no one. So when everyone advised us to faster pop one baby to recoup our angbao losses, we just kept quiet haha. And tadah! Caleb came along and he’ll be going visiting, collecting some angbaos too for his savings.

24 Dec – We had a Christmas Eve potluck gathering with some of Leland’s friends at home. Pretty sure Caleb enjoyed his time especially having so much attention on him haha. It was his first Christmas afterall. Everything is new to him.

Mummy, are you sure Christmas trees come in this size?

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Growing up fast and furious

Caleb has been growing up so fast that he has new surprises for me and himself every single day. I didn’t exactly track down on a journal what he did or discovered everytime, just more or less know which week he did what. I might forget all his milestones soon.

Having his photo taken everyday without fail, I can really see how much he’s grown. It’s almost impossible to capture a sharp shot of him since he’s always moving his hands and kicking his legs. He can turn his head faster than I blink my eyes!

I am trying hard to provide the best I think it is for him so I don’t have much regrets. He’s been really clingy nowadays (13th week now) and cannot be left alone for too long. Too long is like 30 seconds. -_- So it’s a lot of babywearing while we’re at home. It helps him sleep and allows me to get some rest time. Gives my arms a very much wanted break as well. I’m guessing he’s around 6kg now which is weight I’m already afraid of cos I feel I might drop him. But luckily the weight gain is gradual so it gives my muscles some time to get used to it.

Staying home isn’t too bad. The thought of going back to work haunts me because I don’t wish to be away from Caleb for a minute. Missing out on his milestones would be the greatest regret. I am really considering to become a SAHM (stay at home mum) so I can focus all my energy on this lil guy. Growing with him is an extremely fulfilling job.

Blogging would be lesser as well since most of my free time would be resting and doing nothing (if that’s even possible) but I would still wish to blog as often as I can. Stay tuned.

Caleb is 2 months young!

How did 2 months pass by so quickly? It felt like he was still the fragile little bean that popped out of me yesterday. I am missing the newborn size of him. He’s grown taller, and gained about double his birth weight. Poor arms of mine.

Now that he’s grown a lil bigger, it’s been a lot easier to handle his body in terms of carrying and playing with him. Sometimes I hold his two hands and move them around while singing to him and he laughs at that. Oh my. This IS motherhood. I’m definitely loving it! Of course he has his cranky moments, well, a lot of them actually, but still manageable for now. I really wish he can tone down a lil with his activeness sometimes. Like, don’t babies need to sleep at all??

Night duties are pretty much routined now. He wakes after 3 to 4 hours, if lucky, 5, for milk after a heavy feed at night. Then back to his 2 to 3 hourly intervals. It’s a cycle.

Somehow I am loving his diaper-changing times. He absolutely loves them, especially when I’m cleaning his butt. I guess he loves a clean butt hahaha! And he’s always kicking his legs around while I change his diaper, so that really trains my coordination and patience a lot.

Amidst the crankiness, I still find joy in being a mother, his mother. I’m amazed how having a kid has changed my life and thoughts. While I am not a perfect mother, but I will try to be the perfect mother to my son.


Happy 2 months young, Caleb, my baby!

3 weeks old!

Baby Caleb is 3 weeks old today.

Just 3 weeks ago, he was still giving me a hard time in the labour ward. Time flew past rather quickly. Now he’s put on a bit more weight and getting chubbier everywhere, especially his cheeks. He looks more like Leland now haha! Indirectly saying Caleb resembles his dad cos they are both fat.

This boy has been pretty cranky the past week ever since he got a scare from my mum for shouting too loudly being over-excited seeing Caleb on her weekly visit. Ok Mummy, you gotta chill. Your grandson cranky means no one can rest at all.

At least I’m still on my confinement and the aunty is still around to help, I still can get ample rest and shun some mummy duties and pretend I didn’t hear Caleb’s cryings.

Motherhood is really awesome. Everyone tells me that and I believe it now.

Other than his crankiness, a whole load of dirty diapers and cleaning his ass, constant feedings every 1 to 2 hours (growth spurt!), sore tits from both latching and pumping, restless days and nights, constant cracking of brain to soothe a crying baby, constantly feeling hot since no fans allowed during confinement, dirty hair, ugly nursing wear and strict diet, motherhood is just awesome. Seeing him wide awake and smiling at me just makes me forget all the exhaustion and ‘pain’ I go through for this little guy.