29 weeks young

Caleb turns 29 weeks young. That means he reached his major 6-month milestone almost 3Β weeks ago. I was extremely excited about this 6-month milestone because I’ve been wanting to let him try solids.

And he’s been surprising us with new achievements everyday. He’s able to sit up very steadily now without support and he can crawl! Goodness! His crawling is a sign of loss of freedom. We can never leave him alone for a second because he would be in a different position just turning away for a split second.

Look Ma, I can sit without support.

Look Ma, I’m crawling! Come catch me!

Earlier this week, he attempted to stand by pulling himself up with stuff in his way. This isn’t something we wanna celebrate yet. Him walking is a sign of loss of freedom. Can we even sit down for a minute without keeping our eyes off him? Hell no! Baby-proofing the house isn’t the most easy way out either.

He’s been pretty vocal lately as well, screaming his way to get our attention. Definitely working since I wouldn’t want the neighbours to think we are abusing him.

Caleb baby, you are growing very fast. I wish you could slow down a lil. Mummy is missing out on your milestones while at work.

I’m also fishing for time to be able to do a proper update but this will do for now. Caleb is extremely clingy to me whenever he sees my existence, otherwise he’s fine with my Mum. While I’m slogging hard at work to save up funds for his education and have some me time, I’m also missing him terribly. Leaving home for the office is the worst decision every single morning.

Loving this koala very much.

Anticipating the days I get to spend quality time with him.


Being Pregnant – Week 26

I meant to do a weekly update (at least) on this pregnancy but laziness just took over. I didn’t even exactly jot down what happened in each week so I can’t remember much.

My memory isn’t the best right now, neither is my attention span. It seems to get worse. All I want to do is nothing. Just sit around, watch tv and play games on my phone. I am trying to stay focused at work (thankfully still do-able) and get most done before I take my maternity leave.

So anyway, everyone told me the 2nd trimester would be the most enjoyable period. Everyone’s apparently lying. Because I am getting nothing enjoyable out of my 2nd tri.

I had a few light-headed moments and a few night cramps in my lower leg which always jolt me up awake. I am resorting to nightly leg massages and compression socks, hoping to prevent the cramps.

I am gaining weight like crazy! So far I’ve gained around 6kg but baby only weighed 700+g during my Week 24 gynae visit. Hello Redbean, why you not absorbing more ah?? Mummy feels like a whale now!

My tummy is expanding so much I feel tight after every meal. I hate to feel guilty for eating just a bit more than my usual.

The urge to pee, OMG, is the worst! I feel like it’s UTI all over again. The urges come so often but only a teeny weeny bit of pee comes out. So I try to accumulate and pee once and for all even though I know it’s bad.

I am getting more aches in my pelvic muscles whenever I walk or stand for a certain amount of time. I walked 3 hours non-stop (shopping lah, what else? But for baby stuff ok!?) at Seletar Mall during my 23rd week after dim sum with the in-laws. And my muscles ached quite badly after. Squatting was impossible!

Leland almost disallowed me to go to the Zoo in my 25th week just because he was afraid I would get aches again, plus the Zika virus scare that reached SG recently.

Gradually from then, I felt my muscles ache every now and then but I guess it was normal. I just wanted to keep walking.

Week 25, we went to the zoo with Kaixin and family. No mozzie bites but yes, some aches after the few hours of walk. We took breaks every now and then when we had the chance or when seats were in sight. Other than that, it was tolerable. And I had a good exercise. We reached home and I still made dinner (standing of course) and I was fine.

The real scare came in Week 26, just yesterday night. I fainted.

It wasn’t exactly my first time fainting in my life but definitely a scarier experience than my first. I fainted once in secondary school after the 2.4km run but I had exhaustion as my reason. But when I fainted last night, I had no clue how it happened and what caused it.

We just got back from the in-laws place after dinner, just like any normal day. I would usually plonk myself on the sofa and watch tv. I got up from the sofa to see what was Leland up to in the kitchen. He’s been really hardworking lately, preparing his breakfasts and lunches in advance so I just popped in to ask if he needed help.

Just a few seconds went by and I started feeling light-headed. I told him I had to go sit down, turned to walk out the kitchen but never made it out. I leaned on the kitchen wall at the entrance to gain balance and support. Before I knew it, Leland held on to me and my entire body gave way. I remembered losing all control and falling to my bump. Thankfully Leland caught me in time if not I might just hurt myself and Redbean in some way or another.

I blanked out for a few seconds and couldn’t remember what happened next exactly. Could only hear muted voices of Leland asking if I was ok, don’t scare him. He quickly grabbed a packet of milo from the fridge and offered it to me, asking me to take something sweet. I sipped twice and tried hard to get my focus back. Everything looked blur. He said I was gasping for air but I didn’t remember that. I only recalled having scary images in my mind where I had to be rushed to hospital to check for baby’s condition and taking leave from work which I couldn’t since I had things to rush out by this week.

Things at work aren’t exactly pleasant because of a colleague who is taking things for granted. Long story.

I believed I remained sitting at the kitchen door for a while before regaining my focus. Then Leland brought me to rest on the sofa and force-fed me more milo.

That was really the scariest moment during this pregnancy. He was so worried and wanted to take me to the hospital but I refused since I already felt fine. I was, however, feeling worried inside because I would be on my own at work. If anything were to happen, my husband can’t be with me immediately. I could only call my colleagues for help. Awful thought! I almost cried by worrying about this.

For the next 2 hours, I just sat watching tv and he, checking out if I was ok periodically. I couldn’t walk steadily for a bit so I took it slow to protect myself from getting injured. I suspected I was mildly anemic even before I got pregnant because I would often feel light-headed from standing up too fast so I made it a habit to prevent such dizziness from happening. But despite that, I still felt the dizzy spells last night.

Casper was trying to kpo about what happened to me, according to Leland but I would rather say he was concerned about his Mummy πŸ™‚

I’m 1+ week away to my 3rd trimester. I foresee more pee-ing in the middle of the night, more discomfort while sleeping since the tummy will get even bigger, lesser clothes to wear, more physical changes, more leg cramps, even feet bloating but I’m also closer to seeing my little Redbean in person! This must be the biggest anticipation as a mother-to-be! I am praying with all my heart this boy comes out and gives us an easy parenthood experience.